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Best Twitter app


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Apr 19, 2010
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marietta, ga
I use tweetdeck on my computer. And have been using it on ipad but it is very slow laterly on the ipad. I use twitterific on my phone so I tried that on the ipad. Seems ok. Any other suggestions before I spend money on something?
Good question that I also am interested in - bump for you.

I'm wondering if there is a twitter client that can also decently do RSS?

Tweetdeck for microblogging is certainly one of my choices for the iPad. Anyway, if you have tried Tetris or Bejeweled, you would really be interested to try out StarFaces. Certainly one of the best iPad app. I had played this game on my iphone for a while and now I have it for ipad and its great! Love the photos option
I have both Tweetdeck and Twitterific installed, and haven't decided on which one I am going to keep. Both seem fine to me. You probably couldn't go wrong either way as they are both free.
I prefer Tweetings. You can change font size and get to links quickly. Lots of features.
New iPad Twitter App

It's worth your while to check-out "Tweets" for iPad. Clean, elegant, simple design specifically for the Apple iPad, with exclusive features such as GeoAnywhere, StreamingTweets, OneTouch Translations, TweetSecrets, and Emoji support. Check it out.
I never really understood the concept of telling everyone you know and don't know what you are doing every waking moment of the day.
"Cuz that's what all the coll kids are doing..." :)

My only use for Twitter is following companies to find out about deals/discounts/contests.
"Cuz that's what all the coll kids are doing..." :)

My only use for Twitter is following companies to find out about deals/discounts/contests.

Yeah, I may look into it for that.

Twitterrific is the best and i'v tried a ton of them.

it simple, the tweets show up big and clear and I like having everything in one large list. They color code things like direct message and mentions.

Its also free to download and use with an in-app purchase if you wish to have multi account functionality and remove the one advertisement at the top.
Is there a twitter ap that will keep my place between my iPhone and iPad so that I don't end up reading the same tweets twice?
Tried several and settled with Osfoora. I found it the easiest to use and best looking.

I tend to agree. I'm a fairly active Twitter user & I keep Tweetings, Twittelator and Osfoora installed on my 'pad. I tend to alternate between Tweetings and Osfoora, using the latter a bit more often. I'm playing a little with TwitRocker but haven't made up my mind on that one.

I would like to see TweetDeck updated. The current version is heinously buggy, and the other panel-based Twitter app (Twitepad) is difficult to use and, IMHO, has an ugly UI.

By the way, some of us grown-ups who use Twitter ;-) use it not to tell people what we are for lunch (that's what I use Facebook for, LOL) but rather to share interesting news stories, debate spirituality, politics or techie stuff, and discuss books (what are those?) and movies.

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