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Best Remote Desktop App

I see your post that recommends streamtome app.

I'm trying to look for a application, which can does following things. Could you please give me some tips?

There is a PC with win 7 system, and an instructor(person A)is using it. At the same time, another person B is holding an ipad and want to log in to the PC, but should can only access to a certain software on the PC.

Person A and Person B will work at the same time and don't conflict each other. Do you think that streamtome can do this job, or do you know any others which is capable of doing that?
sorry for this, just need one more point for posting
This is server-side feature and dont matter what client is trying to connect. You need server OS Win2k or Win2k8 with running terminal services. It a policy of MS. In early versions of XP this feature was enabled but it being blocked very soon.
Ok. I think i understand what you mean. Try to work out local security polices or file access restrictions.
only 256 colors


i have a problmem with RDp from iPad2 to MSServer 2003 and MSServer2008

i tried several apps for RDP (from hana mobile, MochaSoft, 2X, ProSoftnet, Thinstuf,...) - and with all apps i have the same problem - even if i chose 16 bit or 24 bit colors - the connection only shows 256 colors at the end - any ideas how i could solve this?
Maybe server-side restrictions? Im using iTap RDP and have no problems.
Stream iPad Microphone to Mac

Do you know of a remote desktop App from iPad to Mac that stream sound not only from mac to ipad but also from iPad microphone to Mac.
This is to use a language learning Application.
First post to this forum. Thank you in advance for any advice/information you can provide. I've been tasked with finding a remote desktop app for iPad users in our company. We run Windows 2008 Server. In researching everything, I'm looking for an app that would be TS Gateway compatible. iTap seems to fit the bill, but I wish it were as simple as this.

It's also likely that iPad users will be remotely accessing their home computers as well for info not cached on their iPads. If we look at the various permutations of computers, I don't think it's likely that all the users will be running Win7 Professional and up (or the other Windows OSs that necessarily have RDP as a feature); a few may be running Mac OsX. If we assume that they will also want to access the company server through either their iPad and/or their home computer (I'm not sure if this is feasible), then is there an all-in-one app that would work? iTap RDP lists itself as the only RDP client to support TS Gateway. Are there alternatives? Again, many thanks.

If I have a Microsoft office product on my PC, can I access the Word or Excel doc on my Ipad2 using Logmein? Can I edit it?
I just did it with my iPad1. I opened up Ignition, went to my desktop PC, opened Excel and made an entry. I see no problem at all doing that.
If your files are local on the iPad though, you will need to transfer them to your PC - email or Dropbox may be the easiest solutions.
PocketCloud Problem

Hi All,

This is my second post on this forum so I only hope my question is in the right place!!

I installed the PocketCloud App on my IPad2 and the companion on my Windows box (XP Pro). The IPad2 sees the windows box as being online, but when I try to connect a message "RDP Session Disconnected" is displayed soon after the connection process is started

Please can anyone offer a solution before I try another remote desktop app ?

Many thanks in advance,

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Why don't you try Wyse customer service and see if they can help you? I had some issues with the companion hogging the processor and they were responsive to fix it for me.
Hi all,
Apologies if this has been posted before (I did a search)

I want a remote connection to automatically launch a windows 7 application on connection. Because the PC is dual purpose and I use the tablet for media access only.
I purchased ITap but this only works for Server edition.
Has anyone come across this feature in any RDP App?

Many thanks,

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