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Remote Desktop RDP -->Multi Display ?


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Sep 6, 2010
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Hi Folks,

well i've tested many Remote Desktops this weekend and finally got the mind that RDP would work fine for me ... IF there is a multi display support. None of those Apps ive tested had this option.
Of course i also tried VNC and iteleport and there is a support.

So ive got a Win7 PC with two screens.

Is there any RDP Remote Desktop out there, which shows me my two displays ?
I downloaded RDP last weekend and it works great. To run it on a win7 PC with "only" a home premium edition or below, you need to patch one (or was it some) dll.
When I used it the first time, I was surprised to see a login screen even though I was sitting right in front of my PC which was not locked. After lgging in I saw my desktop and could do whatever I pleased without seeing any of the action on my PCs screen.
So I think it's actually preparing the PCs desktop specifically for iPad.

I tried VNC before but found it too slow as you also have to run some separate software on the PC. If your win7 machine runs a higher version than home premium or if you use the patch, you can use the native networking support from win7 which seems to give better performance.
The sound is missing by the way, but for running a slide show on the iPad without loading tons of pics on it or for remote accessing the win7 desktop it works really good.
Just remember if you do that, that win7 wasn't really meant to be operated by touch rather than mouse and cursor.

I hope I could help a little.

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