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ios 10

  1. D

    Ipad2: Not connecting to store not updating IOS

    I have an old IPad 2 that stopped updating IOS at version 10, and does not connect with the apple store. How do I update IOS? If I update it, will it connect to the store, or it will never be updated because it is old and not supported anymore? Thanks.
  2. TechnicGeek

    Will I Make A Mistake if I Upgrade to iOS 11?

    Hello, Have iPad 2 Mini here still with its stock iOS 10. I don't want to upgrade to iOS 11 due to performance concerns because I heard that iOS 11 is more taxing than iOS 10 however I am worrying I will miss upgrades train and will stay on iOS 10 forever. Should I be concerned? Should I...
  3. M

    iOS 10 Now Installed on 79% of Active iOS Devices

    MacRumors reports that according to the latest adoption rate data revealed by Apple today, some 5 months after iOS 10 was released it is now installed on 79% of active iOS devices. iOS 9 is still installed on 16% of active iOS devices, and 5% of devices have older versions of iOS installed...
  4. M

    iOS 10 Has Reached 76% Installation Rate

    According to new figures posted by Apple on its App Store support page, via MacRumors, four months on from the public release of iOS 10 it is already installed on 76% of active iOS devices. As you might expect, iOS installation rates have risen sharply over the holiday period, up 13% from 63%...
  5. TechnicGeek

    My first iPad is Mini 2

    Hi there! iPad 2 Mini is my first iPad. While I did expect version 7 of iOS, it came with version 10.0.2 I heard that the earlier versions are faster and newer versions make this model slower which prompted me to find out if I can downgrade to earlie versions. It seems that I can't actually...
  6. Mbagni

    From iPad 2 to IPad Pro how to transfer notes, calendar, etc.?

    Hi all, Sorry to bother the whole group with a very peculiar problem but I have just bought an iPad Pro and I wish to pass in it the information (notes, contacts and calendar) that are currently stored on my iPad 2 (glorious but with too few RAM!). Simple you would say: use iTunes to backup and...
  7. M

    Apple Announces Official iOS 10 Adoption Rate as 54%

    Yesterday Fiksu and Mixpanel both published their figures for the adoption rate of iOS 10, with both stating that their research, which was gleaned from iPhone and iPad web traffic, showed that iOS 10 adoption is around 66%. Today, Apple has posted its own official iOS 10 adoption figures on...
  8. M

    Black Hat Firm Increases iOS 10 Exploit Bounty Because it’s Harder to Crack

    9to5 Mac reports that black hat security firm Zerodium has increased its maximum bounty for finding zero-day iOS 10 exploits to $1.5 million, having previously offered $1 million for iOS 9 exploits. Zero-day exploits are those that have not yet been discovered by the developer, and therefore...
  9. Casey_B

    Unable to upgrade to iOS 10 - security risk?

    Hi, all. Very long time no see, I know. Things have been going well with my device. According to the model number, I can't upgrade my iPad Mini 1st gen to iOS 10. Is there any realistic chance that this could pose a security risk? Many thanks, Casey
  10. G

    Can no longer see iPad in Windows Explorer

    Starting with my upgrade to iOS 10.0.1, I can no longer see my iPad Air 2 in Windows Explorer. This also means that I can no longer import my pictures directly into Adobe Lightroom. iTunes still seems to see the iPad, however.
  11. M

    iOS 10 is Out Today

    Today is the day! Yes, iOS 10 is finally rolling out today around the world. It may take a while to reach your location, however, so don’t worry if you don’t see that little icon in your Settings just yet. Many apps have already arrived in the App Store ahead of the rollout of iOS 10. iOS 10 is...
  12. col.bris

    Upgrading to iOS 10 iPads - What you need to know !

    Apple will release the latest operating system iOS 10 on Tuesday 13th September (USA time) To avoid issues I have put together some information that may make it easier for you to upgrade I understand many of you have done this before however even the most experience can learn by reading the...
  13. M

    Apple Announces iPhone 7 and Apple Watch Series 2

    Finally the moment is here and Apple’s iPhone 7 launch event is now underway. We’ll be covering the major events individually right here. Tim Cook kicked off proceedings in a novel way with a special episode of Carpool Karaoke with James Corden and special guest Pharrell. When James finally...
  14. M

    iOS 10 Will Free Up Space on Your Device

    BGR has some interesting information about one of the less obvious benefits of the forthcoming iOS 10, with several Redditors who have installed iOS 10 beta 1 reporting that iOS 10 frees up extra space on your iPhone or iPad. With iOS 9, Apple made advances in reducing the amount of storage...
  15. M

    Dark Mode Discovered by Beta Testers in iOS 10

    Despite Apple not officially announcing a “Dark Mode” in iOS 10 to go with the one that was announced for Apple TV, MacRumors reports that developer Andrew Wiik appears to have discovered what looks to be an early version of Dark Mode in the first iOS 10 beta in Xcode. Wiik has tweeted pictures...
  16. M

    iOS 10 Has Some Great New Accessibility Features

    iOS 10 has many great new features, including several new accessibility options to help those with motor, vision, hearing, and learning disabilities, writes 9to5 Mac. First up we have Magnifier, which enables you to use your iPhone camera as a magnifying glass; you can even grab a screen shot...
  17. M

    iOS 10 Lets You Remove Default Apps

    Until now, Apple always said that it would be too difficult to make it possible to remove the default iOS apps such as the much-maligned Stocks. That all changed yesterday, with the announcement of iOS 10 at Apple’s WWDC, and the news that many of the pre-installed default apps can now be...