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    Hi guys,

    Some of you may have seen a post I made about my iPad 2 which I managed to drop out whilst getting out of the car. It made a dint in the aluminium case which i am seriously disappointed about as the ipad 2 is my pride and joy.

    Anyway it's out of warranty and Apple wont help me get it fixed. They want £250 for a replacement iPad 2 which i don't want to do.

    There are numerous companies that will fix my iPad 2 but for some reason who ever I ring they are saying that there is a world shortage on iPad 2 aluminium back cases at the moment. I have seen this on the net also as i've been looking myself to get hold of one but can't find anyone who stocks oem parts as they too cannot get any more at the moment.

    So my question to you all is will there be a world shortage for much longer do you think or would you say they will start getting hold of them again? It seems to me that Apple only are selling the iPad 2 16gb version model now. My iPad 2 is a 64gb wifi only model.

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