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    We've had some nice threads in the forum regarding the best Cydia applications before, but I wanted to try and consolidate the must-have jailbreak tweaks for the iPad into a single place that we can maintain as a community. So, f4780y proudly presents...

    The iPadForums Ultimate List of Jailbreak Tweaks

    Compatibility will be marked as follows:

    [4.x] - indicates tweak is 4.x compatible
    [5.x] - indicates tweak is 5.x compatible
    [6.x] - indicates tweak is 6.x compatible
    [7.x] - indicates tweak is 7.x compatible; [7.x]* - but tweak is NOT compatible with iPad Air/retina Mini

    However, it won't have been possible to test all of these list items when a brand new iPad jailbreak is released, so check compatibility in Cydia and pay attention to the other forum posts! We will do our very best to keep this thread up to date, but it takes time ;)

    In the meantime, member Willerz2 [again] kindly provided a useful Google Docs based resource which is actively tracking IOS7 compatibility here - iOS 7 Cydia Tweaks Compatibility

    Free Tweaks
    These tweaks can be freely downloaded from Cydia for nada, nowt, zilch... Go on... What are you waiting for?

    Action Menu [4.x] [5.x] [6.x] [7.x] - Enhance the copy & paste functionality for IOS including pasteboard favourites Full Review
    Activator [4.x] [5.x] [6.x] [7.x] - Assign screen gestures and button press combinations to do a multitude of actions, from launching apps to controlling the iPod application.
    Alphacon [4.x] - Control the transparency of your icons on the springboard, dock, and switcher independently of each other. Full Review
    Animate [4.x] [7.x]* - If you are running a 4.3.x jailbreak using @i0n1c's untether then this tweak adds animated boot logo capabilities to your iPad. There are lots to choose from in Cydia, my personal favourite being "Animate Apple" - Add the "Animate Fix for OS 4.x.x/5.0.x" package for 5.0.1 support.
    AutoFill Eraser [4.x] [5.x] - Allow users to clean up the email autofill entry list. Helps users avoid seeing irrelevant email addresses from the autofill entry list when he/she composes an email. Full Review Note: This tweak has been discontinued for iOS 6 as Apple has provided this option as a stock function in the Mail app. See this thread for more details: autofill eraser
    Auto Location [4.x] - Turns the GPS on your iPad on whenever an app requests location services and off again when it is closed. Full Review
    BackBoard [4.x] - Change your icon layout a lot? This app is for you. It saves as many different layouts and configurations as you like and lets you apply, update, or delete them as required. Essential for the compulsive themer!
    Bigify [4.x] [5.x] [6.x] [7.x] - Mess with your icon size, rotation, and transparency for free! - paid version with more features is available as Bigify+
    Black Keyboard [4.x] - Does exactly what it says on the tin. Turns you iPad keyboard every h4x0r5 favourite colour, BL4CK!
    Browser Changer [4.x] [5.x] [6.x] [7.x] - Allows you to change the default browser for YouTube, Google Maps, etc. from Mobile Safari to any other 3rd party browser. Great for users of Atomic and iCab! (via Mickey330)
    Bolt [4.x] [5.x] [6.x] [7.x] - Gets rid of the battery icon in your status bar, except when charging, in which case you will see a bolt! Turn on battery percentage for maximum usefulness, otherwise you won't know how much charge you have!
    BTStackMouse [4.x] [5.x] - Use a bluetooth mouse (or the Apple Magic Trackpad) with your iPad with this cool tweak.
    BytaFont [4.x] [5.x] [6.x] [7.x] - Apple did a great job of the IOS fonts, but everyone likes a change now and again. Hundreds of BytaFont compatible fonts are available on Cydia - My personal favourite? - Lato. Full Review Note: The tweak BytaFont 2 is for those on iOS 7. The older BytaFont (and the fonts for it) will not work on iOS 7, so make sure you only get fonts specifically designed for BytaFont 2.
    CrashReporter [6.x] [7.x] - Useful tool to track down the cause of application crashes or send the logs to tweak developers for further analysis.
    ChangeCarrier [4.x] [5.x] - Change the carrier name shown on your iPad to a custom string. So much fun to personalize your iPad! (via Mickey330)
    CyDelete [4.x] [5.x] [7.x] - Remove Cydia apps just like any other apps store app. Make them wiggle and press the cross to remove! (via nymosis)
    DietBar [4.x] [5.x] [7.x] - Ever noticed how fat the title bars are in applications? This little tweak puts them on a diet! (via graywolf) Full Review
    FakeCarrier [4.x] [5.x] [7.x]* - One of the many tweaks to change your carrier name
    FakeClockUp [4.x] [5.x] - This tweak allows you to change the default animation speed of IOS graphics. Amazingly, when you increase the animation speed the whole iPad SEEMS to perform much faster. It's all an illusion, BUT IT WORKS! Try it out... You'll be amazed... For added fun, try slowing things down. Slow-motion IOS is very weird indeed! - you will need to add the moyashi repo to Cydia to find this tweak - http://hitoriblog.com/apt/
    FastCopy [4.x] [5.x] [7.x]* - There is a tiny delay built into IOS before the copy / paste popup appears. This tweak removes it...
    FolderCloser [4.x] [5.x] - If you still use stock IOS folders and are tired of them sticking open, this little tweak will close them once you launch an app...
    FolderIcons [4.x] [5.x] - Theme folders on the Springboard Full Review
    FullForce [4.x] [5.x] [6.x] - Run any iPhone apps on your iPad? This tweak tricks them into thinking they are iPad apps so they run pseudo-natively. Difficult to describe, but effective none the less - Try it with BytaFont for a good demonstration of "before & after". Full Review
    iBlank [4.x] [5.x] [6.x] [7.x] - Create blank transparent icons on the springboard to make your own weird and wonderful layouts (via Mickey330)
    Icon Renamer [4.x] [5.x] [6.x] [7.x] - You can tell what is does, can't you? Change the name of any app on your springboard. e.g. rename "Friendly" to "FaceBook".
    IncarcerApp [4.x] [5.x] - Disables (and enables) the home button via an activator gesture whenever you choose, effectively locking you into the current app. Ideal for letting young kids loose in an app! Full Review
    iSHSH1T [4.x] [5.x] [7.x] - Save your SHSH Blobs (you know what they are don't you!) locally on your iPad for blob saving goodness on the go!
    ListLauncher [4.x] - Adds an alphabetical list of apps on the Spotlight page for quick and easy access, plus it uses up all that wasted space! (via Mickey330) Full Review
    Lockscreen Clock Hide [4.x] [5.x] [6.x] - Hide the clock (and date) on the lock screen Full Review
    MakeItMine [4.x] - another tweak which lets you change the carrier name on your device to whatever you'd like!
    ManualCorrect [4.x] [5.x] [6.x] - Do you hate Apple's spelling auto-correction as much as I do? This tweak turns it on it's head. No longer is the suggestion automatically substituted as you type. If the correction is what you want, you tap it. Puts you back in control!
    MountainLionCenter for iPad [5.1.x] - brings NC style from OSX to iPad. Use to reveal Notification Center on the side of the iPad versus down the center.
    MultiIconMover [4.x] [5.x] [6.x] [7.x] - Rearrange your icons a lot? This will help. You can "tag" multiple icons to move at once. Tap on each one as they wiggle and it gets "ticked". Swipe to the page you want, then press the home button to move all the tagged icons to the current location. Coolness. To move into a folder, get MultiIconMover+, a paid tweak described further down. Full Review
    Netatalk [4.x] [5.x] - Open-source implementation of AppleTalk for Unix systems to allow your to use standard Apple file sharing to connect your iPad. (via poser)
    NoLockScreen [4.x] [5.x] - Sick and tired of sliding to unlock? This tweak removes the lock screen altogether, as long as you don't have a passcode set.
    No Not Charging [4.x] [5.x] - Yes, we know when the iPad is plugged in to a USB socket it is normally "Not Charging" (or charging really really slowly). This tweak gets rid of the text telling you this fact in the status bar...
    No Update [5.x] - Prevents you from accidentally selecting a new version of IOS to install OTA via Settings > General > Software Update. Full Review
    OpenNotifier [4.x] [5.x] - Customizable status bar notifier so you don't have to remember what annoying pop-up you just dismissed! (via Mickey330) Full Review
    OpenSSH [4.x] [5.x] [6.x] [7.x] - Every hackers friend. OpenSSH does exactly that. Provides a SSH interface to your iPad so that you can easily manage files on the filesystem from any one of a zillion SSH / FTP clients. Don't forget to change your root password from "alpine" otherwise I'll be hacking you later
    PC Networking [4.x] [5.x] - Adds native Windows networking support via samba for your iPad (via Mickey330). Note that this free tweak allows you to create a storage folder and access your photos. If you wish to have full filesystem access, it becomes a paid tweak (4.99€) Full Review
    PowerUp [4.x] [5.x] - Adds reboot, respring, and safe mode options to the standard power off slider as well as providing some additional styling options (via poser)
    PullToRefresh for Mail [4.x] [5.x] - Pull to refresh is one of the best touch user interface ideas EVA! This tweak adds it to the iPad mail application, allowing you to pull the message list down to refresh all your mail accounts. Note: This is now a stock action in iOS 6.
    PullToRefresh for Safari [4.x] [5.x] - Same as above, but for mobile Safari!
    QuickLock 2 [4.x] [5.x] - Tap it and the screen locks! (via Mickey330) Note: This no longer works in iOS 6; last update was in 2010
    RemoveBackground [4.x] [5.x] [6.x] - Paranoid about all those apps running in the background in Apples multitasking environment? Remove background kills them all in one fell swoop. Adds a nice SBSettings toggle to make it double easy too!
    Reset Safari for SBSettings [4.x] [5.x] [6.x] - Provides a SBSettings Toggle to clear the cache, remove history, and delete cookies in Safari (via Mickey330)
    RunningList [4.x] [5.x] - Put a list of your running (multitasked) applications on the spotlight search screen by default. Full Review
    Safari Tab Closer [4.x] - Quickly close all open tabs in Mobile Safari (via Mickey330)
    SBSettings [4.x] [5.x] [6.x] - Prime candidate for THE ultimate Cydia tweak. Swipe the status bar and toggle on and off your iPad settings such as wifi, bluetooth, etc. to your hearts content. Cydia also has lots of addon tweaks and many applications install their own! Uber-Cool. Now with full IOS5 support, including integration with the new notification slider!
    SleepDepriver [4.x] [5.x] - Prevent device sleep and (optionally) screen dimming. Set an activation method via Activator - the default method is a short hold of the home button. A statusbar icon will indicate when SleepDepriver is active. Full Review
    SplitMail [4.x] [5.x] - Changes the portrait view of the Mail app to look like the landscape view with the sidebar always visible (via pcmarcel)
    SwipeSelection [4.x] [5.x] [6.x] [7.x] - Lets you move the cursor by swiping the keyboard and highlight text using the shift key. Highly recommended! (via poser). And now, there is SwipeSelection Pro, a paid tweak described below!
    SwitcherMod [4.x] [5.x] - Ever felt like removing all the recently used apps from your task switcher automatically? This tweak can do it and more!
    Tab+ [4.x] [5.x] [7.x]* - Increase the limit on the number of pages you can have open in Safari from the basic 9 (via OUTL4W)
    TVOut2 Mirror TVOut [4.x] [5.x] - Mirror your idevice to an external monitor with options to fill the screen (via poser)
    Unfolder [4.x] - Quickly remove folders from SpringBoard without the need to move every single icon! Full Review
    Webscrollian [4.x] [5.x] - A simple little tweak to enable faster content scrolling for web views (via poser)
    WinterBoard [4.x] [5.x] [6.x][7.x] - The jailbreakers theme manger. Fancy a change of scenery from good old stock IOS? Winterboard allows you to apply a myriad of themes and tweaks to the look and feel of IOS. Just make sure the ones you download are for the iPad! OK?
    YoutubeToMP3 [4.x] - Rip the audio track from any YouTube video, including your favourite music videos, in an MP3 file on your iPad (via OUTL4W)

    Paid Tweaks
    These tweaks can be downloaded from Cydia for a very reasonable price. Remember, developers need your support. They have put their time and effort into making applications for you. Often, developers will release free tweaks but these have to be offset and supported by their paid applications as well. If something is useful and adds value to your jailbreak experience, please consider paying for it. Don't be a Pirate!

    Adblocker [4.x] [5.x] [6.x] [7.x] - Easy to use advertisement blocker for Safari and other applications that use browser-like views (via Mickey330)
    Action Menu PlusPack [4.x] [5.x] [6.x] [7.x] - ActionMenu not enough for you? Are you mad for social networks? The pluspack adds lots of new features to the cut and paste goodness of IOS. e.g. "Tweet the currently selected text", "Send to Pastie", and "Locate on Google Maps", to name but a few.
    AirServer [4.x] [5.x] - Transforms your iPad into a n AirTunes and AirPlay receiver so you can stream media to your device or between devices (via poser)
    AlertArtist [4.x] [5.x] - Easily style the alert pop-ups on IOS either to exactly your own taste or using a variety of pre-built colour themes which ship with the app (via poser)
    AnyAttach [4.x] [5.x] [6.x] [7.x] - Attach any file you like to an email within the native iPad Mail app! Nice. Full Review
    Apptivator [4.x] [5.x] - An extension to Activator which adds a "double tap" action to all your springboard icons which can then be assigned any other activator action. Full Review
    Auto3G [4.x] - Automatically turns off 3G when the device is locked, thus saving precious battery cycles. Re-enables when iPad is unlocked - obviously only for devices with 3G! (via nymosis)
    Barrel [4.x] [5.x] [6.x] [7.x] - 3D page transitions with lots of effects to choose from (via OUTL4W)
    Bigify+ [4.x] [5.x] [6.x] [7.x] - Colour, texture, resize, rotate, and apply many other effects to your icons! (via RudyL90)
    BrowseInApp [4.x] [5.x] [6.x] [7.x]* - Lets you open links within the same app, instead of launching Safari, Chrome or other browsers. You'll be able to open links in apps such as Mail, Messages, Notes etc. right within the app; the browser will not launch. Note that there is a Lite version available (free), although it doesn't have the full capabilities as the paid version. Full Review
    BTStackKeyboard [4.x] - use any Bluetooth HID Keyboard with your iPad.
    ColorMailLabels [4.x] [5.x] - Give each of your email accounts a different colour label in the unified mail inbox just like GMail! Full Review
    CustomGrid [4.x] [5.x] - Easy management of the number of rows and columns of icons on your springboard (via RudyL90)
    Deck HD [5.x] - a centralised action bar for springboard for toggles, apps, and other functions (via f4780y) Full Review
    DeleteMail [4.x] [5.x] - This little tweak adds a "Delete All" option to any view in the standard mail app (not just in the Trash), so you can clear out all that spam without having to tick every individual mail in the list. Full Review
    DisplayOut [4.x] [5.x] [6.x] - Send the display of your iPad through the VGA / HDMI cable regardless of whether an application has been coded to support it or not.
    Display Recorder [4.x] [5.x] [6.x] [7.x] - Ever fancied making a video demo from your iPad? This is the way to do it (via OUTL4W)
    Dock [4.x] [5.x] - A nice alternative to the multi-tasking switcher with themes, favourites, and more! - comes with a 3 day free trial. Full Review
    FBphotoSave [4.x] - allows you to save photos from the official Facebook app to your camera roll on the iPad (via poser)
    Folder Enhancer [4.x] [5.x] [6.x][7.x] - IOS Folders are OK. FolderEnhancer makes them a whole lot better... Full Review
    FolderLock [4.x] [5.x] - Keep folders locked away from prying eyes. Full Review
    GPowerPro [4.x] [5.x] - Hold down the power button for a few seconds and your iPad will ask if you want to slide to turn off... This tweak adds reboot and respring to the list. Nice!
    Gridlock [4.x] [5.x] [6.x][7.x] - Place your icons anywhere on the springboard grid without the need to create transparent icons using iBlank (via OUTL4W)
    Iconoclasm [4.x] [5.x] [6.x] [7.x] - The iPad screen seems to be sparsely populated with icons. Surely we can fit a lot more on there? Iconoclasm to the rescue. Apply lots of different icon layouts, for example, 6x6, which is 36 icons per page!
    iFile [4.x] [5.x] [6.x] [7.x] - It is THE file manager for IOS. If you want access to your files, this is the way to do it. End of. Full Review
    iKeywi HD for iPad [4.x] [5.x] [6.x][7.x] - A 5 Row Keyboard for iPad Full Review
    infiniboard, infinidock, & infinifolders [4.x] [5.x] [6.x] [7.x] - These apps allow you to add more, more, more icons to your springboard, dock, and folders by introducing, amongst other things, vertical paging to each. Full Review
    Inspell [4.x] - An alternative and configurable spellcheck and autocorrect system with access to dozens of dictionaries using Hunspell (via Mickey330) Full Review
    IntelliscreenX [5.x] [6.x] - A turbo boost for the IOS5 Notification Centre including pages for Mail, FaceBook, Twitter, and RSS Feeds... (via iRager)
    iStrings [4.x] - Change the text for IOS popup messages (via OUTL4W)
    LockInfo [4.x] [5.x] [6.x] - David Ashman brings you his unique take on putting information on the lockscreen with configurable modules and theme support.
    LockSliderz [5.x] - Allows you to customize the lockscreen slider to quick-launch your selected apps. Full Review
    Locktopus [4.x] - Password protect one, some, or all of your apps directly from the springboard (via Mickey330)
    MailEnhancer [4.x] [5.x] - Support for multiple email signatures for all your separate email accounts (via OUTL4W)
    ManualCorrectPro [4.x] [5.x] [6.x] - ManualCorrect is cool and all, but the "Pro" version add some goodness including a SBSettings toggle and autocorrect presets.
    Masks [4.x] [5.x] - Give your icons a custom shape for that personal touch (via OUTL4W)
    MountainCenter [5.x] [6.x] - OSX-like Notification Center experience. Reveal the Notification Center on the sides of the iPad. Full Review
    Move2Unlock [4.x] [5.x] - Tired of sliding. This tweak gives you some alternative ways to unlock the iPad (via OUTL4W)
    MultiFlow [4.x] [5.x] - Expose-like full screen multitasking interface as an alternative to the switcher view (via Mickey330)
    MultiIconMover+ [4.x] [5.x] [6.x] [7.x] - Same features of the free MultiIconMover tweak described above PLUS you can move in/out/within folders. More coolness!
    MyWi [4.x] [5.x] [6.x] [7.x] - Enable tethering of your 3G connection over Wifi (hotspot), Bluetooth, and USB cable.Called MyWi7 for iOS 7 versions.
    OverBoard [4.x] [5.x] [6.x] [7.x] - Shows an overview of all your springboard pages allowing you to tap to jump directly to one (via Mickey330) Full Review
    Photoalbums+ for iPad [4.x] [5.x] - Create folders within the native photos app, and optionally password protect them, without iTunes sync (via OUTL4W)
    PhotoMail [4.x] - add multiple photos to your emails via the native Mail app on the iPad (via poser)
    PkgBackup [4.x] [5.x] [6.x] [7.x]* - Backup and restore a complete list of your Cydia Apps, settings, repositories, and more. Every jailbreakers favourite friend. You'll never have to start afresh, unless you want to, ever again.
    Pwntunes [4.x] [5.x] [6.x] - Hate iTunes? Pwntunes allows you to drag & drop music and other media onto your iPad without using iTunes on your desktop (via OUTL4W)
    RetinaPad [4.x] [5.x] - Why oh why does the 2x mode for iPhone4 apps on the iPad look so rubbish? Who knows, but this tweak makes the applications think they are on a retina screen and therefore show in all their high resolution glory in 2x mode on the iPad.
    Safari Download Manager [4.x] [5.x] [6.x] - An awesome extension to Safari so you can download to your hearts content!
    Safari Upload Enabler [4.x] [5.x] - Another awesome extension to Safari that allows you to upload native files from your iPad to a website, such as adding an attachment to your favourite webmail client! Full Review
    SBPhoto [4.x] [5.x] - Put icons on your springboard that will link directly to photos in your Photo albums. Full Review
    ScreenDimmer [4.x] [5.x] [6.x][7.x] - Want more control over your screen backlight? This is the app for you. Dim the screen after a number of seconds and turn the backlight off after that... Great for battery life!
    ScrollingBoard [4.x] [5.x][6.x] - Turbocharge your iPad dock. Add more icons, swipe right for more pages of icons in the dock, and even download addons!
    Shrink [4.x] [5.x] [6.x][7.x] - Make all of your icons smaller, whether on the springboard, dock, or switcher. Combine with iconoclasm to fit even more icons on screen comfortably. Or, you can make the icons bigger. Full Review
    SleepFX [4.x] [5.x] - Want to see some stunning effects when you put your iPad into sleep mode. This is the tweak for you... (via OUTL4W)
    SmartScreen for iPad [4.x]- Widgets on your iPad lock screen such as clocks, calendars, etc. (via Mickey330)
    Speero [5.x] - A new system management panel for apps, toggles, and tasks (via f4780y)
    Springtomize - 4.x] - Modify the springboard in a variety of ways (via Mickey330)
    Springtomize 2 [5.x] [6.x] - Modify the springboard in a variety of ways (via f4780y)
    Springtomize 3 [7.x] - Modify the springboard in a variety of ways (via f4780y)
    SwipeSelection Pro [7.x] - Lets you move the cursor by swiping the keyboard and highlight text using the shift key. With this Pro version, you can customize the tweak settings to adjust the swipe sensitivity, cursor speed and which portion of the keyboard should be swipeable; as well as the ability to toggle some other features.
    Syncronicity [4.x] - Use your iPad whilst it syncs with iTunes (via OUTL4W)
    WiFi Booster [4.x] [5.x] [6.x] [7.x]* - Removes the internal signal strength limit from the WiFi Settings pane to allow you to see all the networks broadcasting. Full Review
    xBackup [4.x] [5.x] [6.x] - Backup and restore all your Cydia packages and sources (via poser)
    YourTube HD [4.x] [5.x] [6.x] - Download videos, save and view them from within the iPad's native YouTube app with this extension (via Mickey330)
    Zephyr [5.x] [6.x] - Single finger multigestures. Use just one finger to open the multitask bar or swipe between apps instead of Apple's requirement for four or five fingers. Full Review
    3GUnrestrictor [4.x] [5.x] [6.x] [7.x] - Tired of apps that tell you you can't use them of download something because you are not connected to WiFi? 3GU fools them into thinking you are. No more blocked YouTube videos!
    5-Row Keyboard for iPad [4.x] - Want a row of numbers or symbols above the keyboard, just like any laptop or desktop? This is how we do it, in conjunction with WinterBoard of course! Unfortunately, it's only for IOS 4.x at the moment! Full Review

    NOTE: Not all these tweaks can be installed together. Some will clash because the perform similar functions. The good news is that Cydia does a very good job of letting you know when a clash is imminent provided the package has been correctly specified by the developer. Cydia will even remove the offending program automatically when you try to install something which clashes...

    Happy Tweaking fellow Jailbreakers

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    Great list but what about
    Barrel ~ various page transitions.
    Display recorder ~ records screen swipes & gameplay.
    iStrings ~ change the text of all the iOS popup messages.
    Masks ~ overlay custom patterns onto all your icons.
    Move2Unlock ~ various ways of unlocking.
    Mouse ~ allows for the use of a BT mouse.
    SleepFX ~ various ways of "sleeping" the ipad.
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    Cheers... Your favourites have been added!
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    As much as it pains me to admit (NOT!), I have most of these y'all have listed. However, IMNSHO, the list is not complete without the following (apps in red are ones for which you have to pay):

    Adblocker: Block ads in Safari and other apps that use the web to display ads
    Browser Changer: Make a different browser the default (versus Safari); comes with SBSettings toggle (downloaded separately) - so you can turn on/off the default; works great with Atomic as default
    ChangeCarrier: Change carrier device name (top LH corner of iPad); cheap tweak - but oh, so much fun to "personalize" YOUR iPad!
    Color Mail Labels: Gives each mail account its own color (very handy with the "All Mailboxes" running in the Mail app)
    iBlank: Create blank, transparent icons
    Inspell: Customize spell checker and autocorrect (doesn't automatically change words, it underlines them and YOU decide to change them … or not); comes with SBSettings toggle to turn it on/off)
    ListLauncher: Provides an alphabetized/scrolling list of apps (in Spotlight) for quick access
    Locktopus: Password-protect individual apps directly from the springboard (protect one, some, none or all)
    MultiFlow: Expose-like multitasking interface
    OpenNotifier: Fully customizable status bar notifier for iOS4 (I have icons for Facebook, email, calendar, occasions, WWF, etc); so you don't have to remember what that pop-up - that you dismissed - was for
    OverBoard: Show an overview of springboard pages - then you can tap the overview and go directly to that page
    QuickLock 2: Tap it and the screen locks
    Reset Safari for SBSettings: To have Reset Safari in SBSettings (to clear cache, remove history and cookies)
    Safari Tab Closer: Quickly close all open tabs in Mobile Safari
    SmartScreen for iPad iOS: Allow information widgets to be place/used on iPad lock screen (I have a clock, calendar, contacts, a quick launch dock, a search bar and a weather icon - but there are others such as e-mail…)
    Springtomize: Modify the springboard (I use it to add more icons in rows on springboard)
    YourTube HD: Download videos, save and view them from within the iPad's YouTube app

    I use these almost every day. However, I must say, OverBoard is my absolute favorite. One tap of the icon (or, you can make it a gesture using Activator) and boom! You are at that page. Very convenient for quick iPad navigation, especially if you have more than a couple of pages…

    Happy modding!

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    Thanks... I've added all of these to the list.
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    Nice job! Very highly appreciated..
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    Totally Agree, I am new to the Jb World, and after googling many many sites , it all becomes a blur.... not to mention they are trying to market their own apps indirectly, well thats how i felt after reading to the blurp.:( . So thankyou so much for making it plain and simple for ppl like me :)

    :confused: Btw In regards to ' YR Tube HD, I heard/read it doesnt work in 4.3.1
    I can con firm this also, I run ipad 64G with redsnow, I tried all the different versions of Yr Tube and none showed the d/load tab as I have seen inthe sceenies. I followed all the advice from other that mentioned rebooted, re springing etc.

    So if I purchased the paid version, would I not be stuck with an app that doesnt work ?

  8. OUTL4W

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    Dec 30, 2010
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    I would keep it installed...cause I'm sure the developer will update it for 4.3.x very soon.

    Just another one to add to the list:
    Gridlock ~ place icons anywhere on the springboard without the need of iblanks.
    #8 OUTL4W, Apr 19, 2011
    Last edited: Apr 19, 2011
  9. f4780y

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    Sep 11, 2010
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    Done. Ta.
  10. OUTL4W

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    Dec 30, 2010
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    I know I'm overlooking several others but another paid tweak I use is called:
    Synchronicity ~ use the iPad while it syncs to pc

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