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Western NY state (USA)

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Administrator, from Western NY state (USA)

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Mar 28, 2015 at 9:22 PM
    1. Lola Benton
      Lola Benton
      My iPad hangs up .. Any ideas on repairing?
    2. robinjiang
      Hello thanks for your reply to my post. It helped alot
    3. A. GOODWIN
      A. GOODWIN
      Oh, yeah MICKEY .also you do have the coolest of cool profile pic,I remember that pic from then . Peace on ,..... Manimal
    4. A. GOODWIN
      A. GOODWIN
      Hi there Mickey, well I took your advice and followed your directions and was successful at jail breaking my iPad on iOS 7.2I'm not sure if you remember me as you are like famous and all! however, since this ios8 I've encountered some minor set backs. Am reset back to apple ,dull dull. Can you help me again as you are one of who I relate with best. Thanx mick, Manimal
    5. Maximusdmgg
      Mickey, you're doing an amazing job! I'm about to jailbreak my iPad 1 because of the OS limitation.
      A) Is IOS6 too heavy for my iPad 1?
      B) Will I still be able to access the Apple Store to download softwares? And able to spend money when necessary?
      C) I play Hobbit KOM and Empire Fleet. I've registered them with my email and/or Facebook account. Will I lose all the hard work I've done? I plan to use redsnow
    6. hsamhan
      I recently jailbroke my ipad but when the jailbreak installation finished the apple icon was on the screen and it has been there for 2 days now, the ipad won't respond or do anything, i tried to connect it to my laptop so i can restore it to factory settings but the laptop doesn't detect anything connected to it (the cable works fine) could you please help
      1. Maximusdmgg
        Hi hsamhan. I'm curious. Was your problem resolved and if yes, how?
        Jul 9, 2014
      2. hsamhan
        Maximusdmgg, no not yet
        Jul 12, 2014
      3. hsamhan
        Aug 6, 2014
    7. ED_OG
      Hello thanks for your reply to my post. It helped alot. Hope you don't mind my friending you. But I'd like to follow the threads of a super moderator. I don't really read the message boards with interest. But I think I could follow your replies to learn new things
    8. Samana
      My grandpa was a retired U.S. Air Force person too! Also, I love reading too, and I'm an author-to-be once I finish writing my book.

    9. FrenchTV
      hope its ok to ask you a dumb question in regards to your response, i had a re spring loop after updating FolderEnhancer, you said :
      I think I know what your problem is/was - its FolderIcons combined with FolderEnhancer. Even if FolderIcons didn't have the update...
      Did you theme those inner folders with FolderIcons?
      Can you clarfiy what meant by ICONS and THEME, i understand icons sometimes are refereed to actual icons or APPS on ipads, and themes are background images?
      I removed folderenhancer and re installed step by step, now all works, upon restoring all my apps or maybe you meant icons where outside folders everywhere, so i had to re build my folder library but before i get folder happy again please do let me know if its ok i create for example 3 or 4 levels of folders and i use infinidiDoc in case it matters.

      Thanks so much
    10. FrenchTV
      thanks for the fast support!

      I got news and edited my post, i have another ipad here and forgot we sync the Cydia apps with my account, so i checked to see what it was that caused this and found all three updates,
      Folder Enhancer,
      IconSupport by Big Boss, i think its this one that caused the endless resprinining but i cant see how i could remove it, please do let me know anything

    11. srkhn
      What does "original thread poster" mean (:
    12. LinguisticsGod
      Should I hack my device? One of my servants told me that it may ruin the ipad performance etc etc. I need your advice.
    13. Wreybies
      What is the battery life like on your Pocketbook 360? I've not seen this device before until you mentioned it, and the size is a serious +.
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    Western NY state (USA)
    I'm a retired CMSgt (U.S. Air Force) after 27 1/2 years of service. Just resting now...

    Reading, browsing teh Webz, singing ... etc.


    Space Gray 32GB WiFi-only iPad Air & Space Gray 64GB iPhone 6 Plus
    (Both jailbroken on iOS 8.1.2 w/TaiG 1.2)

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