Microsoft Office For iPad Apps Have Already Been Downloaded 27 Million Times

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    Microsoft has finally unveiled the much-awaited Office apps for the iPad a month and a half ago and it seems that there are now already more than 27 million downloads until today. At the TechEd Conference, Microsoft announced that Office for iPad apps - Word, PowerPoint, and Excel, have been downloaded from the App Store 27 million times to date, which is more than double the number of downloads Microsoft reported just over a month ago - 12 million times.

    However, the 27 million download statistic references only free downloads, as Microsoft has not shared details behind how many paid iPad Office subscribers it has. But, the number is probably not that big, as you’d need an Office 365 subscription to be able to create and edit Office documents, as printing has recently been made possible through the free app, as well. The Office 365 plan costs consumers about $100 a year, but with the Personal subscription plan, you can get it for a slightly cheaper price.

    Apple’s CEO Tim Cook himself has praised the suite, but he did mention that it should’ve landed on the iTunes Store much earlier. What about yourself, have you downloaded the Office apps from iTunes? And if so, then what do you think of them?

    Source: Business Insider
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    I downloaded it; however, I don't use it because I don't have a 360 subscription lol

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    I cannot seem to figure out how to print the document still?..

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