Microsoft Starts Refunding iPad Owners Who Bought Office 365 Subscriptions

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    Last week, Microsoft decided that it's about time its Office mobile apps would become free for iOS and Android users. That's why the company has released new Microsoft Office touch apps for iPhone and iPad users that allow to create and edit documents completely for free, without the need for a Office 365 subscription plan.

    And the good news is that Microsoft will be refunding those who opted for a Office 365 plan in order to be able to create and edit documents, not just to view them. So, ff you recently paid over $70 or more to edit Office documents on an iPad, you can now easily switch to the free version and get a partial refund.

    The iPad version of Office previously required an Office 365 subscription for document editing, priced at $70 per year for the “Personal” edition and $100 per year for the “Home” edition.

    iPad users who choose to opt for the free version can now request a pro-rated refund for the unused subscription time. Refunds are available until January 31 of 2015 to anyone who purchased a subscription on or after March 27, 2014.

    Apple users who subscribed straight from the App Store will need to contact iTunes support and those who subscribed from Microsoft or a reseller can contact Microsoft. You will need a proof of purchase and the entire process can take six to eight weeks.

    Source: RCPMag

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