Microsoft Office Coming to iOS Early 2013

Discussion in 'Apple iPad News' started by Maura, Nov 7, 2012.

By Maura on Nov 7, 2012 at 2:47 PM
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    According to a report on The Verge today, Microsoft Office is most definitely on the way to iOS, and will be here in early 2013. Yes I know we’ve already heard this a few times before, but The Verge even has pictures, and says that it has heard from sources close to Microsoft that an iOS Office is on the way. One version of the app will be free, but will only enable you to view Microsoft Office documents on your iPhone or iPad. You will then be able to buy an Office 365 subscription if you want to edit documents in the app. Apparently the editing facilities will only be basic though, and will not compare to the full desktop office version. As with the likes of OneNote, you will need a Microsoft account in order to access even the most basic Word, PowerPoint or Excel facilities.

    Source: Exclusive: Microsoft Office for iPhone, iPad, and Android revealed | The Verge


Discussion in 'Apple iPad News' started by Maura, Nov 7, 2012.

    1. iJamesH
      Hmmm unless its as versatile as the Windows version I'll pass.
    2. s2mikey
      Well have to see how this goes but I'm very happy with QuickOffice pro right now. It does what I need and plays nicely enough with excel and word files from PC sources. Im not a super tech, complex user though. YMMV.
    3. jakson0100
      This really doesn't make sense to me for a couple of reasons. Microsoft has stopped making Office for Macs. Why develop it for IOS, specially since they are planning to have a tablet and Windows Phone?
    4. KevinJS
      Office for Mac is still available everywhere I look; Apple online store, Apple Store, BestBuy etc.

      Rumors have been flying for months that Office will be available for iOS. I have always believed that MS will hang on to it in the hope that it will be the "killer app" that will make Windows tablets a viable proposition, and that we won't see it on iOS unless the Surface bombs, which I happen to believe will be the case.

      In a Windows-free tablet market, I think we can expect to see Office pretty soon. The mobile market is too big to ignore, and if Office does not remain the industry standard in all markets, there is a risk that other players may overtake MS in the desktop arena. I've never understood the popularity of this particular piece of bloatware. Apple's offerings are quite capable of doing the job, as I'm sure many other products are. MS are in the same position as everyone else in the IT industry; adapt or die.

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    5. s2mikey
      You really think the surface will bomb? Too early to tell but I disagree. It will go through a few revisions and some new product growing pains but not flat out die. Once they get the feel for the tablets, MS will do OK.
    6. KevinJS
      I'm even more sure of it now I've seen Windows 8. I think Office is the only thing that will help MS. I realize the tablet market is not saturated yet, but it is established. It's really not even about OSs any more, it looks like its coming down to Apple and Samsung. RIM make a product I'd snap up way before I'd consider anything from MS, and yet they are struggling.

      I called windows 8 "Microsoft's Christmas gift to Apple and Samsung " I stand by those words. There must have been big sighs of relief in Cupertino and Seoul when that mess was unveiled. It looks like a child's toy, and not a very good one.

      I was in West Edmonton Mall last weekend. MS had a Surface display going, and few people stopped to look.

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    7. col.bris
      Where did you get this information as I not think that is correct

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    8. arbj
      just curious to know, I heard a LibreOffice App is being developed for ipad, is this true ??
    9. s2mikey
      An early Christmas gift, eh? Maybe so. I have heard that the windows 8 interface isn't exactly slick and they badly needed something slick and very user friendly. Not good. Perhaps you are correct?

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