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Wi Fi only or Cellular? 16gb? 24gb? 64gb?

Computer Idiot

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Dec 6, 2014
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Thanks to Mickey330 for allowing me to start another thread.

I will be using my tablet for:

1. Grocery shopping orders
2. General 'PC' type use - catch-up TV, music videos on YouTube, emails, writing letters
3. Football Manager
4. Music production - not anything serious, just creating tracks as a hobby
5. Depending on what's available I will also use it as a personal organiser (hence possible need for portability/cellular)

First, the STUPID question: whichever option I go down can, I cancel my home internet subscription? I also don't trust the router, if the iPad will connect via that device (see this thread for details as to why: http://www.ipadforums.net/threads/will-viruses-on-my-laptop-affect-an-ipad.125412/#post-1087640 )

My internet subscription is about £25 a month with various TV add ons (which I am looking to cancel, anyway). The fact that I don't want to use the router plus the possible need for portability (see 5, above) throw me n the direction of cellular.

Am I right in saying that direct debits will need to be set-up for this? Or can I 'pay as I go' via a credit or debit card?

Lastly, memory: as being as I will be creating and storing tunes, would a 16gb be enough? Or is bigger better in this regard? Also, does memory space in any way affect the speed that the processor is able to work at?

Folks, I am so sorry to bombard you with questions. I tried to ask these questions in 2 stores over the weekend and (understandably) was left with the impression the assistants were as interested in maximising sales as advising what would be suitable.

If nothing else, I hope my Qs have given you guys a good laugh at me paucity of knowledge! :)


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Dec 3, 2011
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Cellular data plans for iPads have data caps and if you're using cellular data at home, it will be very easy to run over your limit. Home internet subscriptions generally have no data limit and are usually cheaper than cellular data plans.
Where cellular iPads come into their own is when you need an Internet connection where there is no available WiFi. They also have a GPS chip for navigation purposes even if there's no cellular data connection.

If you can afford it, the 64GB iPad would be the better value, it can be real easy to fill a 16GB iPad.

Have you thought about getting an Airport Express router from Apple for WiFi at home?


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Apr 26, 2011
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North Carolina
Hi CI - obviously there are many decisions to make:

1. What 'screen size' do you want, i.e. standard (9.7") or a Mini (7.9")? - try to visit a local store and handle both sizes to decide which you prefer.

2. How much storage - 32 GB should be minimal - I just bought an iPad Air 2 w/ 64 GB - already half filled.

3. How much do you want to pay? Look HERE for comparison of the various iPad models currently available and their pricing.

4. You need a Wi-Fi network at home - routers are not susceptible to malware; much malicious software is block by a 'good' router and some may get pass its barriers - Wi-Fi costs you no more when used on the iPad and if you plan to spend hours on the device browsing, streaming media, etc., then Wi-Fi is what to use.

5. Whether you want a cellular enabled iPad, is a decision you need to make - the device is more expensive and you will need to pay for a data plan. For myself, wife & I have only Wi-Fi iPads - we have a home network and 'on the road' always stay at Wi-Fi available hotels/inns - plus, there are plenty of Wi-Fi cafes around.

6. Also, as to the need for cellular (and of course its ability to setup a Wi-Fi hotspot), are you often in locations w/o Wi-Fi and will need the cellular connection to browse the web, check you email, etc. - if not, then consider?

So in summary, decide on screen size, get at least 32 GB or more, keep your internet account and get a new router (as already suggested), and finally decide if a cellular plan is needed for your purposes? Dave :)

Computer Idiot

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Dec 6, 2014
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Thanks, Giradman!

1, Screen size - being used to a laptop, I'm going for a 9.7" screen

2. I think, particularly if I download Football Manager and want to create music, 64gb will be the minimum I will be considering, thanks fr giving me your own situation here so I have something to use as a yardstick

3. Regards what I want to pay: I am budgeting for up to £500 for the device. I appreciate (particularly after what you said aboyt memory) this may need to be increased

4. I honestly do wonder if my router is (somehow) infected. I ran all anti-malware, anti-virus programs, performed the quarantines/removals and turned my old laptop off, never to be switched on again. I then bought a brand new laptop which suffers the EXACT same issues as I had on my old one

5. The idea of being completely portable and bypassing my router (In line with number 4) is very appealing but the download limits another user kindly pointed out to me may make this unrealistic. As I am thinking of cancelling a lot of my TV/phone/broadband package anyway, I might ask my ISP to fit a new router (although they will almost certainly do this anyway as it is specific to the package I have with them)

6. The only reason why I would take the device out of my flat (apartment) is to use instead of a diary as I go about my day. It is not paramount by any means and I am a bit of a dope and forgetful (so not best idea for me to carry it around), so you have made me almost certainly opt for a wifi only connection

SO: I have decided on iPad Air (2) wifi 64gb (may increase this if the Football Manager game requires it)

Thanks to you all and I look forward to joining your ranks as an owner soon! :)

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