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Where to buy Friday??


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Jan 26, 2012
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Colorado Rockies
Looks like the only place I can be sure to get a 64GB AT&T LTE version is at an AT&T store? I've seen a couple reports on-line that suggest Best Buy and Target are not sure if they will have any 4G models available at all and one report suggested that the Apple stores will have only wifi versions. I would like to pick up a 64GB AT&T 4G but now I don't know where to go and line up Friday.

I had hoped Best Buy would have them so I can take advantage of their 18 months zero interest offer.
I'm looking for the same one. I hope Sam's Club will have it along with a small discount :)
I would think a AT&T will be far less crowded and assured to have at least a couple. Last year every single Best Buy had over 50 people in line while the AT&T store across the street had zero people and I confirmed they had stock. I actually went to the AT&T store to buy a case since every other place was a madhouse.
Refresh my memory. When the 2 came out weren't there links to stores (Target and others) inventories? I hope someone else remembers this...
Wish I knew what time stores like Walmart and Target would be selling there's. I know last year that we all knew they'd be selling them at 5pm.
You would think after last year they would have increased the quantity of Ipads and models that the retail stores can sell. Yesterday a BB salesman told me they would start giving out tickets at 8am and open at 10am. This would suck for students and 9 to fivers. I would imagine that apple really has very tight security requirements,like a skid of Ipad boxes requires two green berets per skid,just kidding though i think its cool that there has not been any leaks the past two weeks these gadgets have been in conus. I might add that i think BB last year started to sell there 40 units at 5pm. To all you wise people that preordered on the 7th stop laughing in another few hours you will be in very good spirits. Enjoy!
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Quantity is a balancing act. Enough to meet as much demand as possible, but it takes time to build a supply, which fustrates customers and means more chances for a security leak or other problems. If they can get enough for 1-2 days worth of pre-orders, it is about perfect, and the shortages lend to the hype in a good way.

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