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Best Place to Buy iPad 4G


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Jul 18, 2010
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New Jersey
So last year when I bought my iPad 2 I waited in line at the main Apple Store on Fifth Ave in NYC. This year I wasn't able to wait in line, but I wanted to upgrade to take advantage of 4G. I was on my way to work and passed an AT&T store 5 minutes before it was to open. Guess what - there was NOBODY on line. I walked in, bought my iPad and was on my way. The store was right across the street from Penn Station so it's not like it was in a desserted area. I was shocked that there wasn't a line, especially since there were huge lines at all the Apple Stores and BestBuy. So if you're looking for a new iPad 4G, try an AT&T (or Verizon) store - you may get lucky. And, when they come out with the iPad 4 next year, if you don't preorder in time (like me), this may be the easiest way to buy it.

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