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vPN Settings


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Feb 9, 2012
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I live in the middle east and as a result use a VPN connection in order to access uk only content (everyone does it,so sue me!) anyway, I added the VPN information,but as it won't connect to my VPN,I must have made an error when entering the information. I can't figure out how to reopen the settings page in order to amend the error. Tapping on the VPN just tries to connect it and doesn't open the initial page I was on to input the details. I realise I am a probably missing something totally obvious here but it's drive me mad! Please help!
If you are looking where to put your VPN settings, the address on the iPad is: Settings > General > Network > VPN.

Once there, you can modify your VPN settings.

Good luck and I hope this helps. If this is not it - please let us know and we'll try something else.

Thank you! I was looking in the wrong place!!

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