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Unusual Email Problem

EvilMonkey said:
Just as an update:

[*]I sent Alison an email from my EVO 4G (using the native email app) and it works fine on her iPad.
[*]Alison sent an email to me from her Galaxy S2 and it opened fine on my iPad.

So it appears to be an issue with email from her Galaxy S2 to her iPad (jailbroken). But she also tried another Galaxy S2 with the same result. So it must be a combination of Samsung and her iPad (which is odd, because my email app should be the exact same thing Samsung uses since my EVO is rooted and running vanilla Android (the Cyanogen ROM) and Samsung also runs vanilla Android).

I'm out of ideas.

Just to clarify this a bit, I have also mailed an iPhone 4 from my s2 native email app and that reproduces the exact same problem. Can read the mails but when replying, hit send and mail app on iPhone and iPad crash out. Both my iPad 2 and my friends iPhone 4 are jailbroken and on ios 5.0.1 so I'm starting to think it may be the jailbreak. Am waiting to test on another non jailbroken iPad 2 now, just waiting for my friend to wake up, he sleeps by day and wakes by night, bit of a vampire. Lol.

Will update accordingly.

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