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Unable to import .m4v file into MV/playlist folder


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Feb 23, 2011
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Not sure why I am unable to import m4v files into the music or music video folders?

I have successfully imported .m4v files into iTunes movie folder but since they are music videos and not movies I'd like to place it in the music video folder or playlist so I can play it through the iPod function. The iPad is new so the playlist is empty but I would like to figure out how I can import the m4v files into the music playlist.

The drag and drop method isn't working and importing isn't working either, I am not sure what I am doing wrong since the videos play fine in video mode but I just can't get it into my music playlist like it should be.

Sorry for the newb question but this is my first apple product and unfamiliar with iTunes. Thanks in advance.
Select the files you want in iTunes, right click and choose Get Info. From there go to the Options tab and change Kind to Music Video.

You can do this with multiple files selected. Just be very careful to only change what you want changed on all the files, because it will change them all.

While you will now be able to see the Music Videos in the iPod app, they will still switch to the Video app to play, and it won't switch back automatically when done, nor play them like a playlist. So, in the end, it's isn't all that handy.

But it does clean up your iTunes library on the computer, and if Apple updates the app to work better you'll be ready to rock.
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thanks twerppoet! but now a different problem that im having is when I play the music videos in ipod under "music" in library it won't play the video it only displays the image at the start of the video but plays the song fine.

but when I select the music video under "music videos" in library it plays the videos but it doesnt seem like its playing it through ipod. there is no shuffle option or a playlist and selecting videos manually after each one ends is something I hope I don't have to do.

basically, I would like to view my music videos how it should be with a playlist and shuffle option? not sure why i am having such a hard time with this :confused:

thanks for any help:)

edit- upon further research i found out im not the only one having problems shuffling music videos in the ipad. unfortunately i am unable to post a link due to the post count but apparently quite a few # of people are having the same issue...

anyone else have any ideas or is this simply something that apple needs to update and hasn't?

final edit- guess apple never did anything to correct this issue, sadly. but luckily someone created an app called "video playlist" that does everything an ipad should have done from the beginning. great app!
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Music video playback is very poorly supported with Apple's iPod and Video apps. The app you found is the first I've seen that allows video playlists. Thanks for letting us know it exists.

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