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Where are my TV Shows/Movies exactly? (Redundant EyeTV copies)


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Sep 18, 2011
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The "other" West Coast - FL
I'm using Elgato EyeTV3 software and a dual tuner Silicon Dust HDHR to record TV shows to watch on various media boxes* via my local network (both LAN and WLAN).
* Apple TV 1 w/XBMC, WDTV Live Streaming, iPad 1 & 2, TiVo Premiers, Smartphones *

For some strange reason iTunes places TV Shows inside the Music folder in OSX - but whatever -
User/Music/iTunes/iTunes Music/TV Shows -----> Music = TV shows....really?

On the iPad, using Live3G I can watch/stream Live TV - or watch any recorded shows in my EyeTV Library via the EyeTV3 software running on my Mac. Very Cool.
I keep my EyeTV Recordings/Archive folder in MOVIES, which makes much more sense to me than putting it in MUSIC.

In trying out the iPad offerings I choose the Video app and get the following tabs -
TV Shows-Podcasts-Shared

Under TV Shows I only see a couple of shows - while under Shared/(my name)iTunes Media - I see many more - the same shows that are in iTunes on my Mac.
I'm GUESSING that it's because the "TV Shows" I see have been copied onto the iPad as opposed to Shared (Streaming)?

In iTunes/Devices/iPad/TV Shows - SyncTVShows is checked. "Automatically Include" is not checked.
Include Episodes from Playlists - none checked
Here, EyeTV is an option as a playlist - but I don't HAVE an EyeTV Playlist in iTunes! hmmm

Where is the EyeTV Playlist?

By using EyeTV Playlist, can I bypass redundantly copying my recorded TV Shows to both these locations?
User/Music/iTunes/iTunes Music/TV Shows
User/Movies/EyeTV Recordings/EyeTV Archive

I'm not sure where EyeTV exports to, or if by turning export OFF and finding the EyeTV Playlist I can still get the TV Shows into iTunes...?

Hope this question makes sense, I did answer some things about it for myself just by typing the question, but am still in the dark about the EyeTV Playlist thing.

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