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Adding Music Videos after iTunes Match

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Mar 2, 2013
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OK, this is driving me nuts. I have spent all weekend trying to figure this out without success so I'm turning to this forum hoping some bright soul will be able to help me.

I have quite a few MusicVideos that I purchased from iTunes that after turning on iTunes Match for my music Library I am now unable to play on my iPad. I have checked to make sure they are "m4V" and of course they are, because I purchased them from iTunes. I have tried going to "File" and then "adding file to library" and then resyncing and was actually somehow able to get 2 of them out of the Cloud and can play them now, but the others are still in the Cloud and I can't play them on my iPad. When I try adding them to a Playlist, I get a message saying that I am unable to because of iTunes Match. I was able to play these Music Videos on my iPad before converting my Music Library to iTunes Match, but not now. I can still play them on my computer. What on earth can I do to play my purchased Music Videos on my iPad now? This makes absolutely NO sense to me and, like I said, is driving me nuts! If I have to, I will TRY to contact someone at Apple, if that is even possible, but thought I would check here first. Has anyone else had this problem or does anyone know what I can do? There HAS to be a way to play my purchase Music Videos on my iPad!
This is mostly guesswork and half remembered stuff, so bear with me. I don't use iTunes Match (though I've read quite a bit about it), and haven't had music videos on my iPad for a long time.

You probably can't stream music videos from iCloud. iTunes Match does not (to the best of my knowledge) cover music videos.

That means you need to actually download them onto the iPad. This should be done from the iTunes Store on the iPad (or on the computer, then synced).

Second, you can no longer play music videos from the Music app. At least you couldn't last time I checked. I believe this stopped working with iOS 5. Instead you have to go to the Videos app and view them from there. Unfortunately (also the last time I checked) you can not create playlists in the Videos app.

If what I'm saying works, up to that point, and you are dissatisfied with how it works, here is Apple's feedback link. You can point out (politely, of course) your issues with how things currently work, and even suggestions on how they could make it better.


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