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Ubuntu 11.04 and IOS devices, a preview...


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Jan 17, 2011
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A some of you may already know, I am an Ubuntu user at home. So you guessed it, I have to go thru some hurdles since iTunes does not run on that OS...

I have installed Ubuntu 11.04 Beta on my laptop as I could not wait for the final release. Of course, there are some issues at the moment, but it's a beta...

Anyway, I've tested my iPad and iPhone on the new 11.04 to see what would happen. At the moment of writing this post, still no luck on synching music and videos using Banshee or gtkPod. The issue is with the new iOS 4.3 that is still not supported. All was working well with the iOS 4.2... But there is a new feature supported in 11.04: the document folders for each Apps!

When you plugin your iOS device, you will see the regular mount point as before for the DCIM folder to manage your photos. But now you have a second mount point in which you will see all you apps supporting USB transfer. So let's say that you are using TIOD (a smb browser/player), you can drag and drop any supported file by TIOD... Really convenient... One app that I like a lot is AirPresenter, which allow you to stream files (PDF,photos,movies) via AirPlay... No more wifi transfer is needed as USB is way faster for big files...

And as for the new interface of 11.04 with Unity, i'm not sure I like it... Time will tell...

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