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My favorite tools for my setup


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Jan 17, 2011
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Here is a review of my used tools and apps for my iOS devices:

- iOS devices: iPhones 3GS, iPad 1 wifi only, Apple TV 2
- Computers: laptop with Ubuntu 11.04, desktop with WinXP pro
- Wifi network, of course...

Movies conversion: using Handbrake on Ubuntu. Just great and with libdvdcss, I can rip my bought DVD in no time...

Media sharing: iTunes running as a server on the desktop with a connected external hard drive. Using Tonido service to have access to my media files outside on the Internet but works great over LAN also. Pretty useful for downloading a movie over wifi before leaving on the road.

Music sync: Banshee on Ubuntu, works great with iPhone, still no luck for iPad, but I don't care.
Photo sync: using Shotwell on Ubuntu to build my albums and backup to hard drive.
Video sync: for iPhone 3GS, gtkPod on Ubuntu. A bit slow but it works. For iPad, relying on Tonido
TV viewing: all kinds of tv apps on iPad supporting AirPlay with the Apple TV, Netflix, Podcasts
Mail, contacts and calendar: google account is used everywhere so no need to sync via a local iTunes
File sharing: emails for small files, but dropbox is my favorite as it works on all iOS devices and computers
Long distance calls: Skype is my friend. 30$ a year for unlimited call in north America
Social network: twitter and Facebook are well supported on all of them
Flash support: I use iswiffer on iOS. Works great to view Fox content
Extra storage: Tonido is my friend as I can access my 320gigs from my iPhone and iPad
Tethering: my iPad can connect to my iPhone via Bluetooth. A bit slower but good enough...
Remote control: using vnc server on my desktop and pocketcloud app to access it on iPad or iPhone. Using Remote app of apple tv
Note taking: Bamboo app is great
Drawing and photo retouching: procreate, ps express are used on iOS. Gimp on Ubuntu
Movie editing: mainly pitivi on Ubuntu, ReelDirector on iOS. WebcamStudio for live capture or broadcast

That's it I think... Waiting for iOS 5 to get rid of iTunes and the winxp server. Tonido will do the job for getting movies on my iOS devices. Probably will also use JapelSever in that case for streaming to AppleTV using my iPad. Unless Tonido finally support properly streaming...

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