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Tranfer Movies from iPad to iTunes?


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Jun 16, 2010
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I need to do a restore, but need to move my movies to my Win7 PC. I'm a very new Apple user and need to know how to do this. Thanks for your time.
Can you be more specific? A restore of your iPad? What movies? Movies you have converted? Movies you have bought from iTunes?
Here's the full background. Someone converted 500+ PC compatible books and put them in iTunes, then tried to sync them from my PC but it wouldn't work. Since then, I cannot open any apps (they appear to open for an instant and then immediately close). I was told by a former Apple employee that I would need to do a restore. Prior to all that, my son had copied four movies directly from his Mac so they are not in my iTunes. I was told that I should move my movies to iTunes before I do the restore which would wipe out all my current personal iPad files. I was told that I could do this through Senuti but it I read that it is only for iPad-to-Mac transfers. Then I was told to use Music Rescue but it looks like that works for iPod and not iPad? And now I don't know if I even need to worry about saving the movies since right now when I open them and click on Play, the movies immediately closes. I am a total Apple newbie and am kind of clueless about the iTunes/iPad relationship. Thank you for you time.
iTunes is your portal to the iPad. Although you need to set up an iTunes account to activate your iPad, theoretically you wouldn't need it after that. The advantage to using iTunes is to have a backup for all the stuff you have on your iPad. When you hook up your iPad to iTunes, it will give you the option to pull all of the stuff you downloaded on your iPad and put that on iTunes. Use this option!

If you download all your music, videos, podcasts, apps, etc directly to your iPad and if your iPad ever fails to the point where you have to restore it, you would lose ALL of your stuff. If, however, all your stuff is sitting in iTunes on your computer, it is simply a matter of syncing your iPad and all stuff will be put back.

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