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tiny dead pixel - Help


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Jan 11, 2012
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New ipad i just picked up has 1 super tiny dead pixel on the right half about 2/3 right side of the screen. Only noticeable on black backgrounds its light white i think its so small you have to look for it to notice ( even you can think its just a tiny dust point). The place i got saids they dont manage warrantys so I call apple and they said I need to take it, to a support center, as Im in Mexico its not like taking to apple store...and dont know if i should bother and risking getting one with backlight bleed or more dead pixels cause this one now has a perfectly uniform backlight, no bleed or yellowish at all! If I left it, can it get worse and spread?

Also wonder if apple changes ipads with just one dead or stuck pixel, the support center its almost and hour of my home..

I all ready try to run a series of screens to try to work the pixel is hoping its just a lazy pixel and not dead but i didnt get any result, also I try to restore the ipad also still the same little pixel.

The only thing I noticed its when i lower the bright of the screen the tiny white pixel dissapear, so anyone that can help me on this

Thks, sorry for my english as its not my main lenguage.

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