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This was strange.


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Oct 15, 2011
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My iPad made a noise like Pay Pal makes when something new happens within ones Pal account. This happened after I shut the iPad down only by the home key. I decided to sign back on to iPad and I say the groups of applications were all in weird places. I mean some groups over lapped other groups. When I moved an icon the icon dud not self posisition itself. It stayed right where I put it.

I decided to shut the iPad down by pressing the home key and the power button at he same time. Once rebooted the icons and groups were not overlapping each other but they week. It alphabetically in order like I had them. I re arranged them and not the icons are back where they should be.

Did this happen to any one else?

This was after the latest software update.

Sent from my IPAD 1st generation. WIFI only. 64GB

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