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Syncing more than 1 ipad to same PC


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Aug 10, 2011
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Hi I want to back up/sync my partner's iPad to my iTunes on my PC. I have created a separate library for her as per: Support-apple.com/kb/ht1495. iTunes recognises her folder, which is, of course, empty. I then get the message stating that her iPad is synced to another iTunes library. Do you want to erase this iPad and sync with this library? Er no I don't! What I don't get is that after creating a new library in a new folder, the left bar shows only my library's contents; shouldn't it be blank as i have connected her iPad to iTunes, not my iPad? I guess I must have fouled up somewhere, any ideas? Thanks.


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Jan 8, 2011
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Milton-Freewater, OR
No. You did not foul up. iTunes simply knows that her iPad used to be synced with another PC, and is warning you that by syncing it with a new one that you are going to lose stuff; unless you take some precautions. Give the following a try. It should do what you need to get her set up on your computer.


Here is Apple's recommendations on how to transfer all your stuff to a new iPhone. With a few modifications it works very well for moving your iPad to a new computer. Wish I could find one as well written for the actual task.

How to back up your data and set up as a new device

Start by going into iTunes Preferences (before connecting the iPad) and turning off auto-sync. It is under the Devices tab. This will prevent any unwanted syncing before you are ready.

Do only the parts that apply to your information/situation (i.e.; if you are syncing contacts with Google, don't do the Personal Information Manager part. Stop when you get to the Restore step.

It would be wise, after the Transfer Purchases option to go through iTunes and make sure everything (media, app, book) got transferred. If not you may have a few more steps to insure all your stuff gets safely backed up on the computer.

NOTE: If you have picture albums in the Photos app, and they are not backed up somewhere other than the iPad, you need to save them first before doing anything else. The first sync will remove them. The PhotoSync app works well for this, and you can use it before starting any of the other procedures.

The quality of the pictures recovered this way will probably not match the originals. iTunes optimizes photos for viewing on the iPad when it syncs them.

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