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HELP !! ipad2 photo library sync !


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Aug 29, 2011
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hey, i have a (probably stupid) question and i hope you can help me

i just bought an ipad2 und now want to sync my iPhoto library on my iPad.
the attached screenshot shows the window that pops up when i klick on "sync photos from..." and then "choose folder". (don't ask me why i have 2 libraries ^^). however, i want to sync the "iPhoto library" which is in the "pictures"-folder. but the icon is grey in inactive.
so my question is: how can i sync exactly this library to my iPad? apparently, this is not the right way I'm trying to sync the library

thanks in advance !


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I've synced my pictures via iTunes rather than via iPhoto.

My steps:
1. Remove iPod photo cache from your pictures folder
2. Remove iPod photo cache from your iPhoto library
3. Check for updatesnfor iTunes. Update if there is one.
4. Connect iPad. ITunes will open.
5. Wait till sync completes (I still need to figure out a way to stop autosync at connect...)
6. Go to the photo tab in Itunes, deselect or select asnyou want, sync again.

In my case, I can only sync photo albums, not events and thankfully not my entire iPhoto Library (it did do the 'last 12 months' album and that took quite a while)

Hope this will work for you.

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