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Steve Jobs Pours Ice Cold Water on Rumours of 7-Inch iPad


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Aug 30, 2010
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we have the following pools right now that is up to about $.4,000.oo dollars in the pools for the following .baseball world series and who going to the superbowel..

i put money into the google phone pool that it would take off and i lost on the google phone ..

they are some of the worst gamblers in there life when it comes to betting on some of the sports teams ..but when it comes to the betting on apple most of them will not bet againest apple on some of the basic ideas of apple does everything for a reason .

how we won was we where betting againest the installers of the company ..so i picked the greeks over the installers in the pool and walked away with just over .$.1100.oo dollars in my hand before giveing the standard 100.oo to 200.oo dollars to local group that we all support ..

the basic bet was when do you think steve job was going to comfirm or tell everyone when the 7.inchs ipad was going to come out ..each person put a $.100.oo dollars in the pot at the time of the pot it was at little over $.4400.oo dollars in the pot from eveyone from the cleaning lady to the front desk secretary who got into the pool..

we have a gambleing pools in the diff areas in our office pools for as longer your in the business of working as software engineers and installer personal you find that most of the people have a stange sense of humor when it comes to life and can not really work around other people in a normal sense and this type of work seams to suit them very well in life and we do like to bet on some of the stange things in one life..

when your kid time and hour of the day they are going to born on

the guy or girl is going to be fired that day for something that they messed up

how many times the new person get lost trying to find the building that we are working in ..

the guy get the phone call from the wife about talking to the boss about getting back to a normal set of hours so they could have a socalled normal 9 to 5 workday life ..
I'm thinking TMI....


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