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Starting to lose interest in iPad 2.


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Nov 13, 2010
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Yeah, but the way Apple is going, I think you are going to start seeing ALOT of software folks moving away from Apples App store, especially with this 30% cut they want! I was just reading that Dropbox may be dropping support for iOS because of Apples tactics! Apple is shooting itself in the foot. Sure they have a huge headstart, but as of right now, people are buying more Android-based phones than iOS-based phones. And with this 30% crap, more and more software authors are looking to get away too! Android is going to be sitting there just waiting for those authors!

I truly believe it will happen (Android overtaking iOS) - but, as you've eluded to, it'll take time, but I do believe it will happen...

I tend to agree with your sentiments. This move by Apple is really odd to me, especially right now. Competitors to iOS have been looking for a way to break Apple's hold on the market and Apple is handing them a solution on a silver platter. I think the writing is on the wall. In a period of a couple of weeks I have gone from debating an upgrade to the iPad2 to wondering if I should sell mine now while it is still worth something.

Its actually not odd at all. Believe me, its horrible, but not odd. Apple has given developers until July to comply. By july the iPad2 and the iPhone5 will be in full swing being sold in the millions. Apple is basically strong arming developers here saying, hey, you want to miss out on these millions of customers or you wanna hand over a little of that cash? You notice they timed the compliance date PERFECTLY to be right after the iPhone5 launch which will be sometime in late June most likely both on AT&T and now the largest carrier in the US Verizon. They know what they are doing.

It will take a lot of testicular fortitude for a company that could even eek out a minuscule profit under the subscription fee nonsense to turn away from potentially millions of customers.


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Mar 10, 2011
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Hi there everyone

Here in the uk, the you can pre order the xoom for £499, i dont know how much it is in the u.s.

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