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Skype for iPad 2 - cannot see my profile


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Aug 8, 2011
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I am using Skype on my iPad 2 very well, but very often it maximise the screen, showing only one window and I cannot see my profile anymore, even for disconnecting from Skype. Then, I need to reboot my iPad and start over again. Anybody knows how to go back to the two windows on the screen :confused:
This is a known problem with Skype, and the only solution available now restart iPad.
There is an easier solution - double click the Home button to open the multi-task bar. Press and hold any icon until they all start to jiggle. Then press the upper left hand corner of the Skype app icon to close Skype. Now press the Home button to close the multi-task bar. Then restart Skype and your two-window view will re-appear.

Skype issue here also! :(

Just downloaded the iPad version, test call was fine, and I was able to talk to my wife in the other room over our home Wi-Fi.

So wanted to start setting up some family contacts - however, I cannot seem to get a 'Contacts' choice in a menu bar as suggested from the Skype website - just see a top bar listed as 'Tags' and a number of blue-white icons (e.g. All Contacts, Skype Contacts, iPad Contacts, etc.) - clicking on these opens a dialog box which I cannot access.

I've deleted & reloaded the App several times and have also restarted the iPad twice - am I missing something simple? Thanks for any suggestions - :)
Thanks Tim and Zoro For the tips, very much appreciated!!
You are welcome,

There is a way to search for contacts,You can review an article about this on the link here.

See in the comments below the article, you may find useful.
Thank you - just joined the thread to try to resolve exactly this problem. Now sorted!!

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