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Safari Swipe Left


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Oct 22, 2014
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With Safari, as with IOS in general, if you swipe left you return to the previous page you viewed.

I have several (6) UK newspapers bookmarked, so that we can try to get a more balanced view of the current political and global news situation. Something I have often noticed with the BBC news page, and then yesterday with the Guardian, when I go to a linked article from the main page, in the same paper, and then swipe left to return to the main page I return to the main page of the previous days paper and not as expected to today’s main page.

I had thought that it was a BBC News html bug, but may be more to do with Safari or a combination of the two.

iPad Air 2 with 64gb and cellular; IOS 9.3.2;
What happens if you use the back button instead of swiping left? Does it go Back to the previous page that you linked from?
Good point. I will try that. One thing I meant to add was that it is not consistent. Sometimes, more often that not, it returns to today's page, whereas other times it goes to yesterdays, but always seems to be when returning to the main news home webpage! ( -And it is not first thing in the morning; it can be any time when I have accessed the news pages several times already that day!)
I had to wait until it happened, as I cannot force it, but finally... On the BBC News website. Back button does the same thing in that both swipe and back button go to yesterday's main page rather than that of today, which was where I started. Strange!

Btw, I had performed a recent reset and am now on 9.3.3
It probably has something to do with how the site handles it's article URL's. Often newer and older articles are handled differently; new articles using some kind of redirect scheem that will end up going back to the home page if not invoced from the home page, while older articles will get a permanent URL that will behave more like normal site links.

It could still be some kind of bug behavior of Safari, if it handles these differences, well, differntly. The only way I can think of to issolate it would be to use two (or three) browsers at the same time to see if they behave the same. Preferably, at least one browser would be on a differnt OS, to eliminate the underling webkit that almost all iOS brorwser use.

But, I suspect it would be way too much trouble just to issolate a glitch that you probably won't be able to do anything about anywaty.
Thanks Twerppoet. Never happened on 2 laptops running XP; Safari on 7, or I think, on an old version of Mercury on here.. So probably just one of those little, occasionally spotted bugs. At keast if others come across it they may see that it has been noticed and it is not just them.

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