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  • thanks to all of you who i have missed so much for ahowing up when i needed you most, i'm so lucky to know you. each and everyone.
    This is my soul mate and I! Yes, he looks like a dog but he was like the Buddha! Everyone who a met him thought so! ❤️
    Please note, it may say I'm online, but I might be unconscious , hopefully eventually I'll be back!
    Thank you, Diane. I ran across it many years ago and was amazed how much it looked like me around the time I tried that exact "experiment" :)

    Your's is wonderfully unique, as well. Blessings..Brian
    I hope the sleeping did you some good. I hope the forum dreams were pleasant ones. When I dream of things like that they are usually annoying, because nothing ever quite makes sense but feels like it will if I concentrate just a little harder.
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    that's too funny coming from YOU!!!
    In iPad Travel Forum, there's a subforum: Travel Stories. There's Richard's London thread as well. If you're interested, I have my own Austrian thread there. Also, scifan opened a new thread about his visit to Texas. Kevin's "On the road and off..." is there, as well as a few others.
    I'll start teaching again on Monday. I've already met my colleague again, we both would like holidays to continue. ;-)
    I haven't posted my London pictures so far. They don't fit into Richard's travel story, because we only visited sights that everyone knows. On some of them, there are a lot of people, and I'm not sure if I'm allowed to post them. That's why I sent them to you with one of my emails. I'll look through them, and if you're here again, and I find pictures I can post, I'll do so in the Image/Photo thread.
    Hi Diane, I'm glad to see you here again. :)
    That's a beautiful, beautiful avatar you chose! I love it!
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