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recording: microphone-in, headphones out USB-C question

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Kurt Nimmo

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Nov 30, 2019
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I'm flummoxed on the correct cable for the following set-up. I have the latest iPad Pro, with the single USB-C port of course, and I am using a USB-C hub to use headphones and charge. There are other USB-C and USB ports if I need them. works fine with the standard iPhone/iPad headphone and mic, but audio quality is terrible and there is noise. I have a male 3.5mm clip-on microphone and a nice pair of studio quality headphones, also male 3.5. my project is recording tutorials for video music apps with narration. I am recording everything to the screen capture on the iPad and then to MP4. I've been through the Amazon adventure twice and both times the cables I bought failed to live up to their descriptions. can anybody out there point me in the right direction for the right adapters? thanks in advance.

You need an audio interface. There are headphone/mic-to-USB cables, like Apple's, but they don't work. I read a million threads and watched as many movies of people getting it to work, but none of that really works in the long turn. Get yourself a USB audio interface, connect your mic/phones to it and connect it to your USB hub.
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