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  1. F

    Recording audio from Streaming into Garageband

    Hey folks, sorry if this is the wrong forum, thought musicians area might be my best bet! Looking into a 2020 or 21 ipad pro, excited about the new studio quality mics and hoping I might be able to record my radio show on the go without bringing my studio setup. One hiccup I think I will have...
  2. K

    recording: microphone-in, headphones out USB-C question

    I'm flummoxed on the correct cable for the following set-up. I have the latest iPad Pro, with the single USB-C port of course, and I am using a USB-C hub to use headphones and charge. There are other USB-C and USB ports if I need them. works fine with the standard iPhone/iPad headphone and mic...
  3. M

    Ipad Pro screen capture

    Hello everyone! I’ve been searching the web for some help. I’m not getting any confident results, so I am hoping someone here can help! :) I currently use an iPad Pro. I make videos, for YouTube, about the game Battle Bay. I have been using Airserver to mirror my iPad Pro to a PC running...
  4. J

    Video Recording brightness Burst?

    Hello, it's been a year and I've recorded over 90 of my kids hockey games with the iPad Pro 9.7 32GB. For the most part I've had about 95% success with excellent recording functionality. The other 5% is weird, I'll explain. In some cases over the course of recording back and forth across the...