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2 Unique iTunes Accounts, 2 iPads


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Dec 20, 2010
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I have an existing iTunes account with a personal iPad. I am also getting one from work. For this one, I will need to set up a new iTunes account (with a different email from my existing acct). Since these are two unique iTunes accounts, is there a way I can transfer some of my personal music or apps from my personal acct to my corporate one?
If you hold shift while opening iTunes, you'll get a menu where you can set up a new iTunes library. Then on that new library, log in with your iTunes account for work. Now your computer will be authorized for that account. Then you can go to File and select add files to library. Choose the music files you want to add and then youll be prompted to enter the password for any music that you purchased with your other account. Now you have given the work account permission to use those files. I used to this when I lived at home with my parents all the time. We would share music with each other. (which wasn't very often due to our different tastes in music lol).

Ive never tried it with apps though. Hopefully someone else can answer that.
For apps just authorize iTunes for both accounts which you would do anyway... Then log in to the account where you purchased apps and download to iTunes via pc...log on to other accept, plug in other iPad and check app to transfer/sync

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