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Problem with websites



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Mar 16, 2011
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No, it's ok. I've come to IT's with some doozy's, even using Windows. Lol they would seriously tell me that they have never heard of that issue before. There are beta testers and then there is me: The Breaker. I end up breaking something in Windows and now Apple and no one seems to know how it happened. Lol I feel like such a black sheep when it comes to electronics. It's my passion and yet I tend to break stuff in weird ways. :) Hey, I'm using Mercury web browser and it seems to be acting pretty good. I installed the free private browser by savy soda, which seems to have more downloads and fans than any other browser but I hate it. No customization. No bells. No whistles. No setting your default home page. I don't see the hype! I am thinking about buying Atomic but I'm curious as to what you thought about Mercury. It seems to be working quite well. I also use Dolphin too. I really like that. If you can, pleas give me your thoughts on Dolphin, Mercury and Atomic? Thank you. :)


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Jan 8, 2011
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Milton-Freewater, OR
Several members have posted positive comments about Mercury and Dolphin, even to the point of claiming them as their favorite browser. I haven't used either, so that's pretty much the limit of my opinion. If they are working for you, with all the options you want or need, and you like them, then there really is no need to get Atomic as well. It's a nice clean UI with good features, but from what I hear so are Mercury and Dolphin.

I only mentioned Atomic and iCab because they are what I use when I need more than Safari. I've had them both for a long time (as iPad history goes), before Mercury or Dolphin were available. They do what I want, so I haven't been exploring the newcomers.
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