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  • Thank you, Mike! All the best to you and your familiy as well!
    No, thanks, I do not wish to know her age. I just feel uncomfortable with the situation at the moment. No problems it is certainly not life threatening, :)
    Your help is always appreciated and you know where I am if you ever need me.
    Best regards,
    Nice to see that I'm excepted. :)
    I really don't know her age, if that's the reason why you asked me. From her posts I see that she has an older brother, and when she wants to download an app, she needs her mother's permission.
    I agree: you can't be too careful.
    Take care
    I hope I can help you. She wasn't here for a while, so I may remember some things wrong.
    Samana is young, not even 20, I guess. She contacted me because she saw that I like reading books, and asked me to become her friend afterwards. She doesn't have many friends so far: Iriana, squib and me. She seems to visit the profile pages of members, and then writes messages there. That's how I got to know her. At the moment that's all I can remember. If you have a specific question about her, just ask, perhaps I can tell you more.
    I hope you're fine.
    Hi J. A.,
    Time is just flying by these days. I am very busy living life, so to speak. It is a good time of year for one of my passions, fly fishing, so I am taking full advantage. I have also joined the iPhone forum as I was thinking about buying one in the near future. I changed my user name on there to Truecule as the ç in Barçamad causes problems.
    Nice to hear from you anyway and I hope you are well.
    Take care.
    Thank you for the Like on my post!
    Nice to see you around here again! :)

    Thank you for liking my post yesterday. :)
    I hope you're well. I haven't seen you post very much the last time.
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