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photos transferred to ipad using ifunbox doesn't show up in photos on ipad....


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Jan 2, 2013
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I'm running ifunbox on a jailed ipad2 - hooked up via usb to a Win7 machine.

If I paste image files to the ipad using ifunbox into the camera photo, it "looks" like it worked fine from the PC side.
I can disconnect the ipad, reconnect it, and when I check the directory using ifunbox, they are there.

If I then do a screen save from the ipad, that imagename looks like it skipped numbers , so It's seeing those photos,
and wasn't able to re-use the filenames. So I'm pretty sure they are there.

However, when I tap on the photo list, they don't show up.

I've also read I need to use ifile, which I downloaded. I tried copying from ifunbox to the ifile picture directory, which
does work, but, from there I can't get it to the photo directory (I am using ifile lite - I'm going to try the full version)
as I can't find any way to move files around using ifile lite.

But...is there some special setting that needs to be changed so when ifunbox copies to the camera directory,
those images show up? Or could it be they are some form of .jpg the ipad doesn't like? They were downloaded
from samsung barely smart phone.

It's running ios6 and the latest ifunbox windows version


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