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Ok, cal colour changing randomly...

Final update on this saga, well hope it is!
Apple said problem was with google set up not ipad. So I went in and turned off the google cal making it inactive leaving just the Exchange active. That simplified the cal look and feel as one less on bar. Then I combined a couple cals to reduce cals on bar and to make simpler e.g. Sports cal alone rather than a tennis one and a football one...no need for two sep ones.
All colours aligned and staying as were...now at some point in future I may delete the google cal and leave the Exchange one as dont need it. Just bit worried about doing it now incase it is holding something up!

Final point, I do have 8 events on cal schedule inder ipad cal which are set as "details" rather than edit. Not subscribed cals either so cannot delete. They were on an Exchange cal and I moved to ipad cal tab and then orig cal was deleted. So now they are on the ipad cal tab but show as "details" and cal shows as Personal ( the old deleted Exchange cal) not ipad cal. Bit weird. May just have to live with them forever as yearly repeats...

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