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Odd Problem With Jailbroken iPad - YouTube Related


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Jul 9, 2011
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I'm having a very strange problem with one of my jailbroken iPads. It's an iPad 1 on 4.2 using snowbreeze jailbreak. I synced it with iTunes tonight adding some video apps as I use this iPad primarily as a small bedside entertainment device. Since I did this sync, I am unable to play YouTube videos...when they are in an external app. I can play a video in the Apple YouTube app, I can play a video in safari, but if I attempt to open a YouTube video in Videohunters, Showme, Squrl, etc any app that acts as a video aggregator I either get the play symbol with a line through it or a message that states, "the video has failed to play".

I've reset the network, rebooted, respringed, synced, and uninstalled and redownloaded the offending apps. I can play other video services like Vimeo fine. The same apps work fine fine my iPad 2 (though I'm too nervous to sync it).

Can anyone offer me a lead? This iPad I could restore if absolutely necessary but I would hate to.
Is this a problem with all YouTube videos or just one? Some videos work and some don't. It is a hit-and-miss situation.
All as long as it's an app that shows them externally. They are not restricted and I can play the same videos on my iPad 2 in the same programs without an issue. I tried a different network tonight too and no difference.

It's as if the program is doing something funny when it pulls up the YouTube player inside another app, sometimes the warning message comes in upside down etc as if it were attempting to resize it. I'm really getting frustrated. I was hoping someone might have run into this before.

Would it be ok if I posted this in the support forum in a shorter form?
I thought maybe I would remove all my tweaks and jailbreak programs just in case that's the issue. Maybe all the apps I installed beforehand too, though I don't think it would be possible for iTunes to have let me installed incompatible app.
Hmmm it seems like the AppStore isn't working as well for me either, I had two downloads fail. I'm not sure what has happened since syncing it has been the biggest change I've made in a few days. This jailbreak has never been as stable at 4.2.1 as the 4.3.3 is, whether due to upgrades with iOS or limitations of snowbreeze, I'm not sure which. Unfortunately, that's the firmware I have blobs for.

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