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YouTube and vevo apps crashing.


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Nov 29, 2011
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Since this morning whenever I have tried to play a video with either the stock YouTube app or the vevo app it has just instantly crashed and took me straight back to the springboard. I am jailbroken and also jailbroken on my iPhone and they both play videos perfectly well on my phone. I have tried a soft reset (power + home button) and still have the same problem. Anyone else having this problem?
Am i going to have to fully restore my device and re jailbreak or is there another way around this?

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I don't really have a solution because my jail broken iPad3 plays the YouTube app fine, with no crashes (I don't have the Vevo app). All I can suggest is to take a look at any tweaks you might have installed that could interfere with videos.

I'm going to move this post over to the Hacking section as its about a jail broken iPad. Hopefully, one of our exper+inched jail breakers can take a stab at a solution for you.

Good luck.

After a while of fiddling around i figured out that it was TVOUTTUNER which was the problem. It auto switched on the mode i use to use a couple of apps which dont automatically work with the HDMI adapter and my tv. Thanks for the help
Good, I'm glad you got it sorted. And, thanks for keeping us updated - its always nice to hear back about the success stories.


Who is wondering what, exactly, IS "exper+inched" ... :)

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