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Occasional user of cell wireless for Ipad 3, what is the best choice?


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Mar 17, 2012
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I currently have an Ipad 2 that does not have cell wireless and the same is true of my wife's Ipad 1. I'm ready to give the Ipad 1 to the kids and my wife gets the IPad 2. The wireless in our house is fine for 90% of what we do, a lot of times we get free access at airports and hotels, that's another 5%. It's the remaining 5% that makes me want to get the full blown Ipad 3 with the cell option. My wife was an Iphone with AT&T and my cell phone is also with AT&T.

Last year I spent a few weeks in the Philippines, of course we purchased a cheap cell phone to use. For internet access we had a special card for the laptop but it constantly crashed and was full of issues. My wife's brother had his laptop and if he had it on we could link up. Bringing a laptop anymore is a pain, hardly any good PC games anymore (except Black Ops) and a lot of extra weight and size to carry around. I keep reading about the difference between AT&T and Verizon but don't get any clear answers.

What I need is best option for a person that wants to pay $30-$50 ($80 is getting a little steep but possible I suppose) just during vacations. Also would be nice to works overseas, can another sim card be placed in the IPad 3 with either plan. If I stuck with AT&T would the bill be part of our current bill, any leverage with all the add on taxes and extra changes?


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Sep 11, 2011
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Michigan. USA
Hello ottsm-I am going to have you wait for other members to chime in to your question, since they may be able to help you better.

In addition, I am going to paste a Stickie, which one of our Moderator's, Miketoolz, created. There is some conversation in the thread that may help you. Also may be helpful for you to do a search into the forum.


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Mar 11, 2012
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New York
With AT&T vs. Verizon it comes down to three points:
- which gives you the better coverage where you usually are?
- price point per GB... If you are fine with <1GB a month or need >5GB a month Verizon is the cheapest. The middle range goes to AT&T....
- do you need the hotspot feature (Verizon only)

Billing for Data is month to month (you can turn it off within a 30 day cycle to stop the clock) directly against a credit card. Has nothing to do with your regular bill (unfortunately corporate discounts also don't apply - at least for me they don't...)

Hope this helps...

International use (on 3G networks) is no problem if the country has a GSM network. You need to get a local SIM card with a data plan... I do this for my phone all the time (and will do it with my iPad this time as well) - e.g. in Germany that would cost you 10 EUR for 1GB (and another 10 EUR for each additional GB)....

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