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No more wifi?


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Apr 10, 2010
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Hey do you all think that apple will only make 3G models next year for iPad? Or will they still offer a wifi? I think the still will offer both. What do y'all think?
If anything they will do away with the WiFi models and make everything WiFi + 3G. The cost of the 3G electronics is minimal.
They wouldn't ever have my 500 dollars if there was no wifi only model. Would never pay for a separate 3G contract from AT&T of all companies when I already have a phone with 3G that can tether.
I would be very surprised if Apple dropped the WiFi only version of the iPad. Basically the iPod Touch is a WiFi only iPhone, and sales of the iPod Touch have done very well for Apple. I doubt that Apple would do something to deliberately shrink their market.
I think they'll keep the wifi version, if only to justify a higher price on the 3G version. People will pay more money if they think they are getting a premium for their money. If the 3G hardware isn't costing Apple much, the 3G price is pure profit for them.
Henry Ford was the last to dictate a single model for everyone. That went the way of the Dodo, and Apple is not going to get rid of their enticement models unless they do not sell any. The idea is and was, you start with a basic model and convince people that they need the advance features. A consumer device that cannot do wifi, is worthless, and too many people have no need for 3G.

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