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Mar 30, 2012
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I everyone I am new here. I found this place trying to find the best printer to use with my iPad. I have owned apple products since 2006 and was so glad I made the switch it was a Mac book Pro. Once I got past the awkward stage, which was like learning a new language. I couldn't and still don't like havering to use a PC. In fact when I do the best way I can describe it is like going from a 3 dimensional world to a 1 dimensional world. I do know a few thing that I have learned over the years of owning apple products but I really want to learn more. And sometimes I have a question and I am glad I found a place that everyone has come together to share their knowledge. Also I have to say really like my iPad 3 I had the 2 and gave it to my fiancée because once I showed it to her she just loved it. So I got back into the market the same time the 3 came out. I was glad. Because I had too wait. I realized just how much I like mine. It's so handy and so powerful. I will probably end up getting the Mac book air once they increase the memory more. Because my job requires me to travel I need stuff that's light.
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Sep 11, 2011
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Michigan. USA
Hi jajo--great introduction of yourself. You are so nice to give your ioad2 to your fiancé! I'm sure she loves it!

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