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New with IPad with retina display phoe problems


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Oct 15, 2013
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Swindon UK
I have just joined the forum having had my IPad with retina display for four months, just outside the free Apple help service. I have successfully synced 11000 photos from my computer to my IPad but the folders on my computer have not been copied as albums. I now have a roll of 11000 photos with no way of sorting into albums. It appears that the only way I can delete these photos is to remove them from my computer and then sync again. Does anyone know if this is correct and if the photos are deleted how can I start again and ensure that the photos appear in albums to coincide with the folders on my computer. Regards Ted Anderson
How did you synch photos from your computer ? If you used iTunes the synch should have copied the photo folders correctly.

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From what you are saying I'm guessing that the photos are divided between folders on the computer, and they were in separate albums in iOS 6.

If that's the case, perhaps you are looking in the wrong place. Instead of viewing the Photos tab in iPhotos use the Albums tab. (at the bottom).

If the Albums view is not working properly, then I recommend connecting the iPad to iTunes on the computer, selecting it, turing off Photo syncing, then Apply/Sync. This will remove the photos from the iPad. Now turn it back on and sync again. With a little luck this should copy all the photos back into the appropriate albums. Be sure to check your sync settings when you do this and make sure your Photo sync settings are what you want.

With 11000 photos this is obviously going to take a while, so make sure you have the time. It might be a good idea to change the computer's settings (temporarily) so that it does not try and go to sleep during this period.

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