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New Replacement Digitizer/Touchscreen only works for Seconds - common problem?


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Nov 26, 2019
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Recently replaced the touchscreen/digitizer on my Mini 2 and ran into a weird problem.

First off - FPC connector and cables and board connectors are fine for both LCD (original) and touchscreen (replacement, third party).

On power on, the touchscreen works for about 10-15 seconds (registers touch, shows on screen, audio too) before the iPad/iOS stops recognizing any kind of touch input at all. Home button works fine full-time.

This will remain this way, until I reset / power cycle. Then the touchscreen works fine again, only for the exact same time interval, not longer or shorter, and not intermittently. Very consistent behavior.

Anyone else experience this? iPad has been restored with a virgin copy of the latest iOS 12 that goes with it, this behavior was the same on the prior version as well, with this replacement touchscreen.

SInce touches register for that short time window with no problem, seems to rule out that its a bad connector or ribbon or bad touchscreen. Seems to be a software / OS level issue that's rejecting the touchscreen?

ANy ideas? Is Apple locking out third party touchscreens now in since iOS 12? Not sure whether to get another touchscreen or not. Thanks.

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