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ipad mini

  1. M

    New Replacement Digitizer/Touchscreen only works for Seconds - common problem?

    Recently replaced the touchscreen/digitizer on my Mini 2 and ran into a weird problem. First off - FPC connector and cables and board connectors are fine for both LCD (original) and touchscreen (replacement, third party). On power on, the touchscreen works for about 10-15 seconds (registers...
  2. A

    Using iPad mini as outdoor camera

    Hello, I have an iPad mini that I won at work and (after my grandma tried to use it and couldn't get used to it) I want to use it as an outdoor camera. I have an audio baby monitor and very cheap camera in my barn to check in on my two goats around kidding (birthing) season without having to...
  3. W

    Touchscreen Goes Haywire

    I've had my iPad mini screen replaced, the replaced screen wasn't working with my smart cover so I went back and they replaced it again. Now I'm having a problem where I'm typing and random letters appear, or apps open by themselves, and other "phantom" touches where the iPad acts like there...
  4. M

    Rumour: Apple Set to Discontinue iPad Mini

    BGR has another scoop today, reporting that it has heard from sources close to Apple that the company is phasing out the iPad mini, mainly because falling sales are reflecting that people are tending to prefer either the larger iPads or the 5.5-inch iPhone 7 Plus. BGR’s source said that there...
  5. C

    Skype for iPad Mini - how to turn on REAR camera during video chat

    I hope someone can help me. I'm trying to remotely help my senior parents with their iPad mini. (I do not own one nor do I have access to it as they live far away.) They've done it before but can no longer find, during a Skype video call, how to change to use the rear facing camera. Does anyone...
  6. P

    Problem with new issues of subscribed magazines on iPad mini

    I have several subscriptions to magazines that I read on my iPad mini. Since last week, new issues of these magazines are not appearing, so I cannot download them. I have tried deleting the various magazine apps and reinstalling them, but it was the same - old editions are there to download...
  7. P

    Deleted Notes file recovery

    Hello. I'm rather new to the iPad. I'm here because I got asked to do some tech support for my mom. She has an iPad Mini, and about a month ago, she accidentally deleted a Notes file. The iPad was not backed up on the cloud, and was not set to synchronize with any other devices. She hasn't...
  8. M

    iPad Mini Sales Soar

    AppleInsider reports today on new figures from Consumer Intelligence Research Partners (CIRP) that reveal that the iPad mini has seen a big surge in sales in the US, up from 32 to 47 percent year over year in December 2015 figures. The figures also show that the iPad Air 2 was still the...
  9. S


    I accidentally clicked an add, and now when I go to a forum page such as Geometry Dash, I get a pop up that says: "Free Apps! Click to claim now!" It happens like a couple of seconds after I open up the page. The website that pops up is Mobtraffic. Please help. I am running iOS 9.2 with an iPad...
  10. E

    Memory Issues

    So recently My iPad mini has been consistently saying its full on memory, I checked the usage did the maths and it appears its not, there is 5.5 GigaBytes just floating around being "used". I was wondering if there is way (without restoring the iPad) to get my data back... Thanks in advance!
  11. N

    Failed to synchronize with your opponent

    Hi, after updating to iOS 9 and updating fifa 15 UT to the New Season, the game keeps on disconnecting as soon as an online game session starts saying: ((failed to Synchronize with your opponent. The session has ended)) when I checked the logs on my iPad I noticed that the sessions that ended...
  12. Cats&pens

    Two iPads

    Hello from Scotland :) My first post, so please bear with me. Have an ipad, and iPad mini: the original ipad is 'full', but when I go to settings, and tried turning off the photostream( I now only take photos with the mini) it says that I'll lose all the photos on the other device/s..... So...
  13. M

    iPad Mini unresponsive

    My iPad Mini retina display was working well last night. I've had it for a few years and I've kept such good care of it that it looks almost new still. Usually when I go to sleep I leave it to charge through the night.. But when I woke up today it had a black screen and was not responding. It...
  14. ellamurillo23

    Removing Scuffs and Scratches

    Does anyone know the best way to remove the scuffs and scratches on the top and bottom of my iPad? Please help this IPad is my baby.