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New Photos Show Even More of the iPad Mini


iPadForums News Team
Jun 7, 2010
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AppleInsider posts some excellent photos today of the iPad mini’s casing, possibly the best we’ve seen so far. They come from Chinese website digi.163, and would seem to be genuine, although you never can tell! Although the pictures look authentic, AppleInsider notes that they do also throw up some interesting questions, in particular as regards the placing of the headphone jack, or rather the lack of a headphone jack in the picture of the bottom of the iPad mini, as many pundits have said that the iPad mini’s headphone jack would be situated next to the new, bigger speakers and smaller dock connector at the bottom of the iPad. Leaked parts in recent weeks have also pointed to this placement, but today’s pictures show that the headphone jack has not been relocated. And, as AppleInsider points out, despite the aforementioned rumours that the headphone jack would be re-sited on the iPad mini, more recent iPad case leaks have featured a mysterious small hole at the top of the iPad, which could possibly be for the headphone jack.

Source: High-quality images claim to show 'iPad mini' housing in detail

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