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Neeing input on security of notes...


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Mar 19, 2012
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Looked around in many areas for an answer to this one, just haven't found it yet! Please guide/direct - much appreciated!

I would like to create/modify and retain notes on the iPad with sensitive confidential information. No, nothing like plots and undercover exciting stuff, just work items that need to be maintained behind double locks. I have been researching some methods, and it seems like I need a folder that is encrypted. Currently I use One Note on a laptop, but want to move it over onto the iPad. I need to be able to protect multiple workbooks, folders, and files. I see options that would allow me to encrypt one file at a time, but that seems very time consuming. I would also like the option to sync the folder between laptop and iPad. Any thoughts? I am looking into Notes+, One Note, Evernote, MobileNoter to name a few. I just don't see the encryption option that I am satisfied with. Again, I am not interested in JUST a secure transfer of the information, I need to keep the info protected at all times. That includes keeping the information inaccessible from staff at Dropbox, iCloud, etc. Seems like I need to encrypt it locally at the workbook level, then transfer, then decrypt all at the workbook level. Too much to ask? Any thoughts and input would be greatly appreciated!
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