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Need help!!! Ipad 3g 64gb died!!!


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Apr 13, 2010
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Help!!! i've had my ipad 3g 65gb for over 2 weeks, and have been using it pretty much as a book reader/normal use.

Battery's at 90%, and i'm having dinner.

After dinner and a shower (around 1.5hrs), the ipad just won't on! Tried pluggin it into both the computer, charging it with the AC adapter, pressing and holding on to every possible button combination, but it just won't on!!!

anyone, pleasssse.. help me. :( :( :(
Hold in the Square Home button and the Lock button for 10 seconds and see if it reboots.
What a helpful first post. Sure looks like a white square inside of the round button to me.
try rebooting or bring it back!
(and let us know please, this is interesting!)
Hold the circular home button with the white square on it and the lock/power button at the same time for about 5-10 seconds and it should reboot.

If not, and all other routes still won't work, it might be time to go in to the Apple Store for a repair/replacement.
apologies for this sad first post/lack of an introduction.

ok, i tried EVERYTHING as mentioned above, but nothing happened to it. even held on to each button combination for over 2-3 minutes.. still nothing.

kept it plugged into the PC & AC turn by turn, nothing.

until FINALLY, 5 hours later, it decided to boot itself up.

Nonetheless, i've had a lengthy chat with apple's customer/technical support, who's agreed to setup an appointment at the nearest apple store.

i'll be returning this pad btw, and will insist on a new one... scary, especially when it's 3 weeks old.


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