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My ZAGG keyboard suddenly stopped working with my iPad


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Aug 15, 2012
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San Francisco

I love my ZAGG keyboard which I've had for 6 months and it has been working great.

Suddenly, the iPad's keyboard comes up instead of the ZAGG keyboard which prevents me from typing on the keyboard. I have a feeling that it's something simple, like it has discharged or lost its battery power. I usually turn the ZAGG keyboard off when I'm not using it, however, I forgot to these last few days.

I'm wondering how to recharge the keyboard so that it will work again with my iPad or some reasons why my iPad's keyboard comes up (it happened in the middle of typing today). Is there way to recharge the ZAGG keyboard itself or what else can I do to troubleshoot.

Thanks very much.

To charge the keyboard, remove it, plug in the micro USB cable into the micro USB port on your keyboard, and the other end of the cable into a powered USB port on your computer, or use the iPad's wall charger. (From a Zagg manual)
Hi JA,
I just found the ZAGG instructions that I thought I had lost. I DO have the wall charger that charges up my iPad and may have the other one but I'm not sure. I hope that's the wire I need and I hope that's what the problem is. Can't think of anything else it could be.

I also want to mention that just prior to this, some of the keys were acting up and didn't type unless I pressed down several times. I thought that might be dust or something...anyway - thanks for the quick reply and I'll let you know what happens. I forgot completely that the keyboard could even be "removed" so I couldn't find the place to put the charger in.

Just in case charging won't help, here's a thread that could perhaps give a few hints what else you could try: http://www.ipadforums.net/ipad-accessories-ipad-1-2-3/23074-zaggmate-keys-not-working.html

Thanks very much for this link. I will read it to see if I can get more information. Some of the keys just seem to be temperamental at times and I think it could be because of accumlated dust and it needs a good cleaning. Right now, I'll just re-read the manual and recharge it as they instruct.


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