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MP4 movie won't sync to Ipad? Help


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Aug 4, 2011
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Los Angeles, CA
I have an HD movie in MP4 format that I want to sync to my Ipad but when I do itunes says that the Ipad doesn't support this type of file. I though the Ipad could support MP4 and H264. Is there a free converter out there I can use? I really just want some way to put this movie on without having to pay money to do so. Thanks!

Usually, iPad does import and play MP4 files. However, sometimes you will fail to transfer MP4 to iPad let alone to play MP4 on iPad or iPad2. This following will describe the reason why we fail to transfer and play MP4 on iPad and the solution on how to successfully play all kinds of MP4, HD MP4 on iPad or iPad2 at How to Play MP4 on iPad, iPad2, iPhone or iPod?

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